A new list

In detention  The books slams down to a random page  An essay due in two hours  The dictionary his nemesis Every word Strained his mind and wrist  Oh well,  Hi carpal tunnel in the 3rd grade In the midst of a new sentence he tried to make a fist  But struggled The pain wouldn’t subside […]

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What a thrill

Source material for this piece is Michael Jackson’s Thriller For my 300th post I wanted to go big with a legendary song and my take on the song and iconic music video. Enjoy Through the graveyard Emerging from the tombstones mist Limping on loose limbs Staccato zombies step to a midnight symphony A thriller no […]

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You’re dead my dear

Storm warning lighting strikes tombstones charging undead smiles and scowls I witnessed her rise An inky black mirage that I couldn’t look away from Fully blackened eyes held my attention captive as I watched her lower her head Tears began staining her once beating heart I wondered what saddened her but She remained silent, her […]

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Switching directions on the map Sights elevated onto a new plateau Thousands of feet above a grounded sanctuary I could hear untold passions whispered Quivered breaths Of excitement Of anxiety Our dimensions altered under rigid glass An exhilarated child hopped on that glass to test its strength But I stood tall staring at blue moonlight […]

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The Wanderer

Collaboration piece, co written with Aston Kamunde at https://astonkamunde.wordpress.com/ My contributions are in bold Sometimes I wonder if anyone’s watching how despair torments  the lone wanderer      Under the quiet moonlight   a currency of shadows   encircles him   sinking him deeper and deeper   the surface of life is on the verge […]

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Desert crossroads

The war for everyday survival has a new playground, In the past he found being surrounded by light as a blessing but now life is a burning gift in swollen darkness His dark cloak wraps his languished bones The desire to continue to reach the end of survival in time has his hunger for victory […]

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I am sorry (Collaboration poem)

Aston Kamunde, @https://astonkamunde.wordpress.com/ featuring RhymeRula of Real Free -Flowing Words Check out Aston’s poetry blog to read the wonderful poetry he expresses on WordPress. You will not be disappointed and make sure to give him a follow so you can continue reading his great writings. PEACE and MUCH LOVE   (Aston’s Stanzas) She wanted to […]

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The Walk Home

  I was searching for hip hop storytelling beats and came across one with an amazing animated film that I felt compelled to write about. I added some of my own details to it, but stayed true to the premise. If interested in visualizing what I wrote watch the video in the provided URL link. […]

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Approaching ever so closer, defenses up Behind her a shadow dancing on midnight darkness Silent streets the only audience at the scene a massive shadow nearing towards her limited options as she senses the shadow suffocating her thoughts from forming Refusing to allow any force to break through her boundaries  Unbeknownst to her due to […]

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