The Night Bus

Verse 1: As the clock struck midnight Passengers aboard the night bus A slogan on the side read… Our determination is getting you quickly to your destination If only they knew that no soul was exempt from ever escaping the night bus   Verse 2: A one way ticket stamped with their demise Barbed wire […]

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The legend of a real notebook

I thought of this theme while I was handwriting a previous poem. I wondered what would happen if I lost my notebook? In the last 2 months or so I went back to handwriting my poems which I felt helped me brainstorm a whole lot more and bring much more depth and emphasis to my […]

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Coiled in danger (Runway)

Verse 1: She presented an ideal slim silhouette with an alluring pose for the cameras to flash focus and record taking long strides as she flaunts her elegance on a runway but what you saw on the outside might look pretty but inside her was a nastiness so toxic that it could infect the runway […]

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