Phenomenal Woman by Maya Angelou (Black History 365/Women’s History Month)

Phenomenal Woman by Maya Angelou (In honor of International Women’s Day) Pretty women wonder where my secret lies.I’m not cute or built to suit a fashion model’s size   But when I start to tell them,They think I’m telling lies.I say,It’s in the reach of my arms,The span of my hips,   The stride of my step,   The curl of […]

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Do not disturb

Always hope, but never expect From conception to our demise It should be no surprise that we all grow through what we go through Anyone can love a rose but it takes a lot to love a leaf We take the exuberant gifts of life over everyday simplicity There are no trophies for being a […]

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Don’t make me regret it

Fall in love with your problems Maybe they’ll leave you too It’s become strenuous to starve my distractions in order to feed my focus but it must be done Many succumb to the withdrawal of familiar desires And it’s funny how they try to move on but at the same time, hold on The world […]

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If nothing else

A lot of shit broke me but fixed my vision read that again I’ve realized Even the people who betray you were part of the plan We cannot stop chasing things we know will destroy us in the end but we continue to do so As we spend our days trying to survive until the […]

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What a thrill

Source material for this piece is Michael Jackson’s Thriller For my 300th post I wanted to go big with a legendary song and my take on the song and iconic music video. Enjoy Through the graveyard Emerging from the tombstones mist Limping on loose limbs Staccato zombies step to a midnight symphony A thriller no […]

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