The bird that swallowed the worm

I came across this art and poem and it intrigued me to share it here. Enjoy.Ā  All work is credited to the artist – @Nwankwo Levi “Poetry has risen” ā€œThey said you are the bird with The greatest muscles, that you are the Bravest amongst the cabin of Aves, that in your Abode no one […]

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So delightful

Satisfaction the goal Some are looking forward to more But some have lost the opportunity  Due to being deep in the dirt or cornered in cells The latter doing their best to gain it back They know, in whatever way  Even if itā€™s inevitable The pain needs to be alleviated  Give a toast, even if […]

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Rough ‘ N Smooth

I’m not good at drawing so I stick to writing and photography but recently I wanted to draw something even if it’s simplistic. From my understanding, even the simplistic visual art are revered i.e. abstract ones. Anyway this two characters I created is something I might want continue to working on in the future but […]

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Live without…

A sickly appetite to please His soul’s fair temple defaced He’s filled with a desire to be invited Past reasons hated, but he still swallowed their bait Love and lust are deadly enemies Outrunning the eyes that prevent his haste Feeding oblivion with the decay of things Uncertainties now crown themselves assured However, he still […]

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Second life

One minute after the other, Street light for a spotlight,Ā  Cardboard box for a stage Whispering conspirators  He has been witness to the eyes of men without an oratorĀ  And focused hard on internal strength and not hating But he knew Weak words were heavy in a poor man’s  heart The sweets he wished for, […]

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Life happens out there

Hold your position, don’t go backwards I wrote a dope rhyme and let the lines float I do my best to leave every place on a perfect note Suspended in animation  The premise needs no explanation  Logged out, pulled plug, face to face with problems  Affection, Erection, No protection, Not ready, Hello dilemmas,  Everywhere, every […]

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In Perspective

Wind gusts spins the morning cloud  Fog shrouds the peace  But the destination is still clear to me Columns of creations Electric storm afternoon Flashbacks in the rain  Everything is in perspectiveĀ  For an inevitable memorable horizon 

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Elation (Wednesday Wisdom + Poem)

Learn to live  Live to laugh  From the bottom of your heart and gut To tears pouring from sockets  The amusement is oh so satisfying  Even though it might be difficult  See the brighter side of it all when consumed with gloom  ā€˜Cause itā€™s waiting for you to notice itā€™s radiance  And accept your elation

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Mr. Malcontent

Torn to pieces deceased friends can never read my thesis  A half full glass on the table  A silver warm tear shed  The rest saved for tomorrow  Nothinā€™ is left unwritten  I kept a paper trail so it ainā€™t no mystery  Got the confidence of nerds in an exam room  And the vulnerability of a […]

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