Don’t get too attached   Because elation can quickly die  I can only control my efforts Heavy blows from the lows  I need to remain upright  Even if the UNKNOWN is ready for my downfall No matter what life can create  Be prepared for the worst While enjoying all its worth In the end we’ll realize […]

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Low doses

Hormesis – Gaining positive effects from exposure to low doses of something that is otherwise negative at higher doses.  Natureā€™s balance held true  A low gentle dose  Hormesis brings forth revitalization

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change the ending

A new start unfolds A story to create awaits A chance to make an impact Don’t rush yourself Give yourself time to reflect You’ll finish on your own accord Onward to the satisfying end

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capture the night

Once more upon a midnight dreary I feel as if my thoughts are dormant The cold empty symptom of lost wisdom Wandering through the deep darkness  I look up at the sky Stars stab each other to make room In a crowded night sky, disconnecting the big dipperĀ  Contemplating as I walk, aware but jaded […]

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Starting Point

I canā€™t start  Words elude me Thereā€™s no way to be thoughtful with an empty brainĀ  We all know the dead leave their feelings behind  I know it’s rough  Facing a foggy path but I keep going  Confrontations with the unknown No time to phone home Itā€™s time to face the challenge alone Profiles replete […]

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