So delightful

Satisfaction the goal

Some are looking forward to more

But some have lost the opportunity 

Due to being deep in the dirt or cornered in cells

The latter doing their best to gain it back

They know, in whatever way 

Even if itā€™s inevitable

The pain needs to be alleviated 

Give a toast, even if itā€™s to yourselfĀ 

ā€˜Cause no matter what it is

We all one day will experience 

Lessons of a fulfilled life in images of delight

Photo credit – Yoshitaka2

Rough ‘ N Smooth

  • I’m not good at drawing so I stick to writing and photography but recently I wanted to draw something even if it’s simplistic. From my understanding, even the simplistic visual art are revered i.e. abstract ones. Anyway this two characters I created is something I might want continue to working on in the future but as of now, here’s one poem from one titled “The Rough Mischeif“.
  • Strong Language is used so “Reader Discretion is Advised

By : The Rough Mischief Ā 

I’m fed up wit’ retrograde rejects 

Squash and flick y’all ass out like gnats 

My papers straight like 4.0 on report cards, no errors 

Uncut, lyrical dope, certified by my scale

Leavin’ ’em upside down fiendin’ for new shit 

Reacting to a fools conspiracy, like Mr. Clean does residue

Wipe ’em fuckers clean across the surface swiftly

Staying hungry from Sunday to Sunday like Al Bundy 

Keep ya sights set  

Hey! Look this way 

Glazed eyes stay confused from fever dreams

Shakin’ you wit’ nightmares 

Can’t stay centered

You begin postponing  plans to test the ferocity of my vendetta (C’mon let’s do it!)

A rough mischief 

In my eyes, everything gets graphic quickly 

First impressions lessons 

A burnin’ joint hangin’ from my lips, 

Every word is cinematic 

Socked up runnin’ across carpets 

Greetin’ you (Hi) with systematic static

Callin’ star 69 ’cause I gotta prove to this bitch I’m firmer than average 

I went backwards, forwards, uphill, downhill, chills, spills, thrills 

Cold feet set in as my hands tremble

The ink is dissolvin’ on the ledger faster than the pills for heaven’s sake (shit)

Rhymes joined without weak points

Hookin’ up to one another like skeleton joints 

The doorbell rings as I try to finish my point

What do we have here, college boy 

He calls himself a smooth student (Aight niggah)

You ’bout to set the stage so let’s get down to it

Live without…

A sickly appetite to please

His soul’s fair temple defaced

He’s filled with a desire to be invited

Past reasons hated, but he still swallowed their bait

Love and lust are deadly enemies

Outrunning the eyes that prevent his haste

Feeding oblivion with the decay of things

Uncertainties now crown themselves assured

However, he still witnesses those

That shake their scratched ears, bleeding as they go

With every root growing

Another is dying

And, with every step and breath he takes, change is calling

Second life

One minute after the other,

Street light for a spotlight,Ā 

Cardboard box for a stage

Whispering conspirators 

He has been witness to the eyes of men without an oratorĀ 

And focused hard on internal strength and not hating

But he knew

Weak words were heavy in a poor man’s  heart

The sweets he wished for, turned to loathed sours

Forget a second chance, he wanted a second life,

And not one on second hand

This time he’ll make sure to not make worse 

What nature made so clear

Which was… 

Don’t wish for anything

Work for it 


Life happens out there

Hold your position, don’t go backwards

I wrote a dope rhyme and let the lines float

I do my best to leave every place on a perfect note

Suspended in animation 

The premise needs no explanation 

Logged out, pulled plug, face to face with problems 

Affection, Erection, No protection, Not ready, Hello dilemmas, 

Everywhere, every time, every audience, mass hysteria, 

Who knows it might be in your area

Life happens out there, so gather aroundĀ 

But keep an eye out and stay safe out there

Elation (Wednesday Wisdom + Poem)

Learn to live 

Live to laugh 

From the bottom of your heart and gut

To tears pouring from sockets 

The amusement is oh so satisfying 

Even though it might be difficult 

See the brighter side of it all when consumed with gloom 

ā€˜Cause itā€™s waiting for you to notice itā€™s radiance 

And accept your elation

Mr. Malcontent

Torn to pieces deceased friends can never read my thesis 

A half full glass on the table 

A silver warm tear shed 

The rest saved for tomorrow 

Nothinā€™ is left unwritten 

I kept a paper trail so it ainā€™t no mystery 

Got the confidence of nerds in an exam room 

And the vulnerability of a new life entering this cruel world

Malcontent on overload 

A Trojan horse got enough to hold onto for a motherboard annihilationĀ Ā 

When rest came my vexed vein was less strained 

I canā€™t complain melatonin has a hold of my brainĀ 

On that note good night and will these dreams come fast enough?Ā 

And become vivid once again?

Silhouette of Man Standing Near Wall

Evading the crossfire

I woke up this morning with a spade in my heart 

Seeing forgotten people lying, dying on desolate trains the last sip fermenting on their breath

I smile to both midnight blue stars 

And lights of electric yellow at the beginning of day

Barrels of brown sugar spilt on the kitchen floor 

A criminal lookinā€™ in an elevator seeinā€™ nothinā€™ inside 

His moment to say Gimme the loot thwarted 

Fear running constantly in the overcrowded jungle called America 

Far away a bunch of imbeciles yell to a deep cave

A butcher stabbed, falling on piles of littered transgressions covering his back 

I know truths around me 

but Iā€™m unsure where and how hard it can push to be accepted

Check your programs theyā€™re monitorinā€™ your sanity

People are strange but Iā€™ve befriended a strange few

Lost ones feel lighting strike when the chamber compresses

Killers firing off a bloody mess, the same old story confessed mental health has to be stressed they say

Cryin’ to live they’ve only done right 

But what they see in their final moments is all wrong

Iā€™ve got empty pockets, a full mind, and there’s so much to treasure with each thought

New prisms for me eyesight to explore but have yet to solve 

The goal, keep the masses passive and in between each others crossfire 

Me? All I see is a world destroying itself everyday and I donā€™t wanna be a participantĀ 

Person Wearing Mask Holding Colored Smoke Bomb

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