Where could it be?

Here’s a quick brain teaser, when you have solved the problem in the first photo comment “got it”. As always peace and keep it real. Can you read the 2nd photo without any problem? Hi, Where could it be? Scan the scene and you will see Solve the mystery

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I love reading and writing, every week I collect books on my walks. You’ve probably heard the saying “Reading is Fundamental”, well it is truly a vital fundamental skill that will always be in every facet of our lives. Reading is one of the first skills we learn as a child and it is one […]

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Lived through

A reader has lived through thousands of lives before he or she dies. – George RR Martin Chapter after chapter New scenarios New scenery New characters identified The plot grips your mind until the climax Genre defining authors Present them in volumes, and some in standalone masterpieces Awards given due to the stories merit But […]

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