Face the Feedback

Welcome readers, When one gets vague feedback on how they should conduct themself in their personal and professional life, their ego takes over and they become defensive. It’s understandable and totally normal, but it’s not their fault they would react that way. In fact, this type of feedback even if it might not be constructive […]

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“Five on the mind” : Real Free – Flowing Words Podcast

https://anchor.fm/therhymerula/episodes/Five-On-The-Mind–A-conversation-on-the-Big-Five-Personality-Traits-e1476mf Hey readers, this a recent episode I did with a friend on the Big Five Personality Traits. Take a listen and if you gained some insight from this, then give it a like, rating, and subscribe wherever you listen your podcasts on. As always peace and keep it real. Click on the link to […]

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