Face the Feedback

Welcome readers,

When one gets vague feedback on how they should conduct themself in their personal and professional life, their ego takes over and they become defensive. It’s understandable and totally normal, but it’s not their fault they would react that way. In fact, this type of feedback even if it might not be constructive can give way for a person to be inquisitive. For example, an employee is going in for a performance review and their boss needs them to be more of a team player or needs them to work harder. This nebulous statement is not innocuous in the employee’s mind because they take it as an affront to their character and need to prove the boss wrong, which can end badly if they’re not composed. Furthermore, if composed the employee should ask their boss to expound on how they can improve their personal and collaborative performance. If questions aren’t asked, that ego is going to internalize that vague “negative” feedback and it can become debilitating once it becomes a part of your mindset moving forward. Moreover, make sure to thank the person providing you with the feedback, as it is likely they have invested time and energy into helping you. Lastly, take constructive criticism in stride and use it as an opportunity to grow and learn.

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