• Disclaimer : This post is for entertainment purposes (Comedy) and I am in no means trying to offend any of you readers once you read this post. I’m not a comedian I’m just retelling an experience I’ve been through that I found funny and you might also. If you enjoyed reading this, then give it a like and my page a follow so you can stay up to date with future posts.

How many of you guys have seen The Passion of the Christ? I think that movie should be up there as one of the best Christmas movies ever made? And you’re probably thinking, what a Christmas movie? Sir do you not know how violent and bloody that movie was? Yes and to that, I say it has one of the hallmark colors of Christmas, red throughout the film, so I give it an “A” for consistency. So, before watching it I was going in on Jesus and the crucifixion to a friend of mine and I was telling him how I might find some amusement in the torture scenes he had to endure. Don’t judge me watching BDSM porn has warped my mind to this point so there’s turning back, I’ve already hit play. I’m an hour or so into the film and these two Roman dudes are wailing sharply spiked chains into a bound Jesus, his body is scarred, bloody and I’m not going to lie I was wincing throughout it, and even turned away from the screen for a second. That’s one scene I’ll skip if I ever do a rewatch. When the movie was ending and he was about to get crucified I thought of creating a password with the word crucifixion in it to let Jesus know I cared and to make it sound caring for all the blood he had to shed, like maybe “Hereismybearhugtoyourcruxification” or “YouarenailedtoascendIwillcomealongandjoin”. In summary, I did create a password with the word crucifixion in it and I know I gotta do better than a password on my rewatch next Christmas.  Any suggestions?

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