Mine is better than yours: Take The Stress Out Of SANDWICHES

Something needs to be done. It needs more flavor! : Why Deli Sandwiches Taste Better Than Yours

Can you name your favorite sandwich? Is it a club sandwich? Maybe a BLT? What about a chicken sandwich? Or even a breakfast sandwich to start your day. No matter your preference, you’ve probably considered the sandwiches you’ve made for yourself as lackluster compared to the Delicatessen and there’s a reason behind it. In addition, included are a few tips for improving your sandwiching-making experience. 

There’s a science behind why sandwiches tend to taste better when a sandwich marker makes them for you. It’s believed that you’re fixated on eating it (the result) and not the process. On the other hand, when it’s your turn you start to lose interest because you have to put the work in. With that said, I don’t subscribe to this notion because even if the process takes longer on my end, I’m glad that I put in the effort to complete something tasty. However, I understand that the habitual act of going to a delicatessen or sandwich shop causes a person to have high expectations that have to be consistently met or exceed their level of satisfaction. 

Quality and Freshness/Bread

Without bread you don’t have a foundation to hold everything together, therefore you don’t have a sandwich. Moreover, bread that’s too soft will quickly get soggy trying to contain all those ingredients, and tough bread will hurt your jaw with every chew. 

A combination of high-quality bread and ingredients will complement the meats, vegetables, and cheeses for flavorful eating every time. Let’s divulge into the advantages Delicatessens have over a consumer. First, Delicatessens have a relationship with bread purveyors and individual bread bakers, so they’re constantly supplied with deliveries of quality freshness that’s not available in supermarkets for consumers. Not to mention, some delis even employ a baker, and that baker can source the highest quality flours made by millers from the finest selection of whole grains. 

Slicing for sandwiches 

Layering a sandwich is a work of art (shout-out to sandwich artists, I never liked that term) so not having the right toppings or enough, can make or break the results. Moreover, don’t be frugal when choosing the slices of meat for your sandwich from a deli worker who can accommodate your requests on how thinly sliced you’d like your meat and cheeses. However, sometimes consumers like the easy way out. They prefer the convenience and might not want to talk and wait for their order (I used to be guilty of this), and will resort to buying pre-packaged sliced meats that are full of preservatives. Furthermore, once the sandwich is constructed from those types of packaged meats, it can cause a disparity with the other ingredients in the sandwich and lead to dissatisfaction. 

Sandwich making tips 

    The tips below will explain how to preserve the freshness of a sandwich even if you’re in a hurry. No one wants to eat a soggy sandwich, so save yourself from that sloppy mess with these tips. These tips are from an article that I will link at the end of this post. 

  • Assemble at your destination: Yes, it’s an extra step to prep your ingredients and pack them separately, but storing your wet (tomato, pickles, spread, etc.) ingredients separately from your dry ones (meat, cheese, bread) prevents you from having to bite into a damp sandwich.
  • Save the spread: If you don’t have time to pack all your delicious sandwich ingredients separately, make yours in advance but add the spread just before eating so it doesn’t have time to soak into the bread.


Don’t be that person who doesn’t season what’s going on in your sandwich before consumption. Season those onions, tomato slices, that crunchy water (lettuce), or whatever toppings you add because it will not only enhance the sandwich but adding these things will become habitual once you taste the difference. By the same token, consider blandness an enemy to your taste buds. So, optimize that sense of taste with a sweet and savory creation. Don’t stand there idly when a “sandwich artist” prepares your sandwich, take heed to how they season your sandwich so you can mimic the process and save money in the long run. 


Given these points, as mentioned in the beginning, scientists (real ones) believe that if a consumer has extended exposure to the same stimuli (in this situation, the sandwich making) it decreases consumers’ satisfaction and physiological responses to it, lessening their desire to eat it. So, if you don’t enjoy the sandwiches you make compared to the ones you get at the Deli, it could very well be your mind playing tricks. Lastly, there are all sorts of sandwiches for everyone so check out these 30 sandwich recipes in the article linked at the bottom of this post.  

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On the move (Random Mix Photography)

Title: Tunnel Ride 

Photo Location: West Cambridge Tunnel MA, which is under construction going  towards Watertown MA

Photo description: I stopped during my walk to take photos of the graffiti and this cyclist entered the frame and made the photo much better. 

Title: Welcome

Location: West Cambridge MA, Entering Watertown MA

Photo Description: I took this photo as I entered Watertown. I was on my way to meet a friend at a pizzeria.

Title: Dig In 

Photo Location: Home 

Photo Description: Peanut Butter, Chocolate Swirl Ice Cream topped French toast. It was delicious and I cooked it FYI.

Title: Flower Fenced 

Photo Location: North Cambridge, MA 

Photo Description: I know that’s a sunflower to the bottom right, but what’s that yellow thing in the middle? Does anybody know?

Title: Observing

Photo Location: Powder House Square Park, Somerville, MA

Photo Description: I went to this park after work, enjoyed the scenery, and people-watched. 

A Crunchy Creation (Black History 365)

Welcome to Black History 365, a series where I explain, educate, and explore historical events, unsung black figures in world history, and recount the struggles and triumphs of black people worldwide.

You ever wonder how that crispy Lays or Pringles chip came into existence? Well not those brands per se but the potato chip that would influence those brands and their distinct flavors, well in this entry of Black History 365 I will spotlight the man acknowledged as the perfecter of the potato chip. 

When it comes to the potato chip there are a few stories about the invention of it, but the most reliable ones center around George Crum, a famous black chef in the 19th century. Crum served the wealthiest Americans and went on to open his own widely successful restaurant.

Humble Beginnings

Born George Speck around 1824 to a Native American mother and African American father, he worked as a hunter and guide in upper New York state. During his time doing that, his reputation as a cook earned him a position at Moon’s Lake House restaurant on Saratoga Lake where wealthy New England patrons built their summer camps. Furthermore, he became famous for his unique specialty in venison and wild game which gave him more opportunities to expand his work in the kitchen. 

The Potato Chip

There were recipes for potato chips published in cookbooks decades prior to 1850, but no one is certainly sure who invented the chip, some claim that it was Crum’s sister, working at the same restaurant. Either way, what is certain is that it was Crum’s experimentation that led to the refinement and popularization of chips, which became a local and regional draw for all New England. 

George Crum and the Saratoga Chip: Gaylia Taylor, Frank Morrison:  9781600606564: Amazon.com: Books

His Restaurant 

Crum had wealthy patrons that included ultra – rich Cornelius Vanderbilt, who mistakenly called him “Crum” instead of Speck, which Crum strategically embraced. As time went on Crum used his success to open his restaurant in 1860 called “Crum’s”, with very high demand and high-priced cuisine. 

Despite his wealthy clients, Crum showed no nepotism and was expressively egalitarian with his food. He would make the rich wait their turn behind anyone in front of them regardless of that person’s financial status. Crum went on to serve as an inspiration for numerous young Black men and women to explore their skills and creativity in culinary. 

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Do You Know George Crum? | 29 Days of Little Known Facts About (Black)  American History (XXIV) – 540WMain, Inc.

The chicken craze

  • Why bring it back if you knew all this madness was going to happen again?

Who doesn’t like some delicious fried chicken that has the right spice, seasoning, and succulence? The consensus to that opening question would be probably a majority of you readers unless you’re a vegetarian or vegan. Anyways, I brought up that question to transition into what I’m going to being talking about in this blog post. It’s the re- release of Popeye’s famous, well now infamous in my opinion chicken sandwich. The craze and hype for this sandwich have gone out of hand and I’ll give a few examples to defend my statement. Having said that, many Popeye’s locations nationwide were swarmed by an onslaught of customers which resulted in employees becoming overwhelmed with stress because they’ve had difficulties combating the adversity they have faced thus far. For example, 38-year-old Wanda Lavender a store manager at one undisclosed Popeye’s claims to be fed up with hostile and overzealous customers. She also claims that her wages at $10 an hour aren’t enough to deal with this buffoonery because these customers will do anything to obtain that sandwich. In regards to that, violence in the form of fistfights is the first line of defense for these agitated customers when they can’t get what they want. On some occasions, it even turns fatal. For instance, I’ll take it a step further, a man in Maryland was stabbed to death over the sandwich due to line cutting and that type of anger over anything, in this case, a sandwich is tragic. Let’s move to another side of this anger, even though no one was hurt one customer threatened to shoot up the staff at the store because he couldn’t get his sandwich.

With all that said about the absurdity that followed the re-release of this hyped sandwich that I want to say I haven’t tried and as of now don’t care too. When it came out this past summer I decided on trying it but realized upon entering a Popeye’s that a line was forming outside the door. When I finally got to the counter to place my order a row of sandwiches were being prepared on the countertop and I made my decision to not buy it since I was getting a combo meal and it would have cost more with the sandwich. Anyways I went to counter and the cashier expected that I ordered the sandwich since everyone in the restaurant had been. I left her in complete confusion resulting in her charging me for the sandwich even though I didn’t order one. I tried to ease the tension by joking about the eagerness in all the eyes of the customers, and she canceled my ordered for the sandwich and gave me my combo meal. I point this out because the comeback of this sandwich is resulting in exhaustion and stress on the minds and bodies of the employees there, but you’ll always have dumb asses who take their anger out on the employees, not taking into account that these people are making a living to put food on the table for them and their kids. Besides, I believe there should be an organized and structured method when it comes to ordering these sandwiches in the future. For instance, I go to a movie theater I live next to and at this theater you need to order a ticket seat beforehand or someone will bump you out of the seat you’re in since it’s reserved for them. This assign seating was strange to me at first, but it made perfect sense in the grand scheme of things. So, if Popeye’s could have an online ordering for these sandwiches for there next release and require a ticket of purchase either on phone or printed then they can filter out the ones who have the proof to enjoy the sandwich and the ones who are there can order other things on the menu. With this strict kind of structure the violence can be hopefully eliminated because since this sandwich is a limited-time item, Popeye’s would need to implement a temporary ordering method. I want to revert to my point earlier in the post where I called the sandwich no longer famous but infamous because I believe it is. And the CEO of the company who is a white woman is probably looking from afar seeing all you idiots (black folk) fighting and dying over something that won’t last. If you were to look at this from a social science perspective, these fools are (Popeyes) test subjects and this sandwich is the item that can cause these test subjects to react in violence and they’ll take it all the way and lead each other into fatal results. That is just my opinion. That’s all I have to say, leave a like and comment if you feel the need to, and follow my page so you can be updated on my future posts. As always, peace and keep it real.

Source articles – https://www.vox.com/2019/8/28/20836975/popeyes-chicken-sandwich-workers


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