Another scoop

Her happy wide smile  Turned frozen with a frown  As she watched in dismay  Her melted pleasures drop on the scorching concrete  But the day wasn’t ruined, only the moment  There is always more out there  To indulge in  Now, wipe away those salty tears  And get up But remember to be careful and grateful […]

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On the move (Random Mix Photography)

Title: Tunnel Ride  Photo Location: West Cambridge Tunnel MA, which is under construction going  towards Watertown MA Photo description: I stopped during my walk to take photos of the graffiti and this cyclist entered the frame and made the photo much better.  Title: Welcome Location: West Cambridge MA, Entering Watertown MA Photo Description: I took […]

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The chicken craze

Why bring it back if you knew all this madness was going to happen again? Who doesn’t like some delicious fried chicken that has the right spice, seasoning, and succulence? The consensus to that opening question would be probably a majority of you readers unless you’re a vegetarian or vegan. Anyways, I brought up that […]

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