On the move (Random Mix Photography)

Title: Tunnel Ride 

Photo Location: West Cambridge Tunnel MA, which is under construction going  towards Watertown MA

Photo description: I stopped during my walk to take photos of the graffiti and this cyclist entered the frame and made the photo much better. 

Title: Welcome

Location: West Cambridge MA, Entering Watertown MA

Photo Description: I took this photo as I entered Watertown. I was on my way to meet a friend at a pizzeria.

Title: Dig In 

Photo Location: Home 

Photo Description: Peanut Butter, Chocolate Swirl Ice Cream topped French toast. It was delicious and I cooked it FYI.

Title: Flower Fenced 

Photo Location: North Cambridge, MA 

Photo Description: I know that’s a sunflower to the bottom right, but what’s that yellow thing in the middle? Does anybody know?

Title: Observing

Photo Location: Powder House Square Park, Somerville, MA

Photo Description: I went to this park after work, enjoyed the scenery, and people-watched. 

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