Mine is better than yours: Take The Stress Out Of SANDWICHES

Something needs to be done. It needs more flavor! : Why Deli Sandwiches Taste Better Than Yours

Can you name your favorite sandwich? Is it a club sandwich? Maybe a BLT? What about a chicken sandwich? Or even a breakfast sandwich to start your day. No matter your preference, you’ve probably considered the sandwiches you’ve made for yourself as lackluster compared to the Delicatessen and there’s a reason behind it. In addition, included are a few tips for improving your sandwiching-making experience. 

There’s a science behind why sandwiches tend to taste better when a sandwich marker makes them for you. It’s believed that you’re fixated on eating it (the result) and not the process. On the other hand, when it’s your turn you start to lose interest because you have to put the work in. With that said, I don’t subscribe to this notion because even if the process takes longer on my end, I’m glad that I put in the effort to complete something tasty. However, I understand that the habitual act of going to a delicatessen or sandwich shop causes a person to have high expectations that have to be consistently met or exceed their level of satisfaction. 

Quality and Freshness/Bread

Without bread you don’t have a foundation to hold everything together, therefore you don’t have a sandwich. Moreover, bread that’s too soft will quickly get soggy trying to contain all those ingredients, and tough bread will hurt your jaw with every chew. 

A combination of high-quality bread and ingredients will complement the meats, vegetables, and cheeses for flavorful eating every time. Let’s divulge into the advantages Delicatessens have over a consumer. First, Delicatessens have a relationship with bread purveyors and individual bread bakers, so they’re constantly supplied with deliveries of quality freshness that’s not available in supermarkets for consumers. Not to mention, some delis even employ a baker, and that baker can source the highest quality flours made by millers from the finest selection of whole grains. 

Slicing for sandwiches 

Layering a sandwich is a work of art (shout-out to sandwich artists, I never liked that term) so not having the right toppings or enough, can make or break the results. Moreover, don’t be frugal when choosing the slices of meat for your sandwich from a deli worker who can accommodate your requests on how thinly sliced you’d like your meat and cheeses. However, sometimes consumers like the easy way out. They prefer the convenience and might not want to talk and wait for their order (I used to be guilty of this), and will resort to buying pre-packaged sliced meats that are full of preservatives. Furthermore, once the sandwich is constructed from those types of packaged meats, it can cause a disparity with the other ingredients in the sandwich and lead to dissatisfaction. 

Sandwich making tips 

    The tips below will explain how to preserve the freshness of a sandwich even if you’re in a hurry. No one wants to eat a soggy sandwich, so save yourself from that sloppy mess with these tips. These tips are from an article that I will link at the end of this post. 

  • Assemble at your destination: Yes, it’s an extra step to prep your ingredients and pack them separately, but storing your wet (tomato, pickles, spread, etc.) ingredients separately from your dry ones (meat, cheese, bread) prevents you from having to bite into a damp sandwich.
  • Save the spread: If you don’t have time to pack all your delicious sandwich ingredients separately, make yours in advance but add the spread just before eating so it doesn’t have time to soak into the bread.


Don’t be that person who doesn’t season what’s going on in your sandwich before consumption. Season those onions, tomato slices, that crunchy water (lettuce), or whatever toppings you add because it will not only enhance the sandwich but adding these things will become habitual once you taste the difference. By the same token, consider blandness an enemy to your taste buds. So, optimize that sense of taste with a sweet and savory creation. Don’t stand there idly when a “sandwich artist” prepares your sandwich, take heed to how they season your sandwich so you can mimic the process and save money in the long run. 


Given these points, as mentioned in the beginning, scientists (real ones) believe that if a consumer has extended exposure to the same stimuli (in this situation, the sandwich making) it decreases consumers’ satisfaction and physiological responses to it, lessening their desire to eat it. So, if you don’t enjoy the sandwiches you make compared to the ones you get at the Deli, it could very well be your mind playing tricks. Lastly, there are all sorts of sandwiches for everyone so check out these 30 sandwich recipes in the article linked at the bottom of this post.  

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