Leap with confidence Plans set with dedication Depths of exhilaration Take the ultimate plungeAnd rise with gratitude from the adulation Photo credit by me

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Willpower (Wednesday Wisdom)

β€œIn the absence of willpower, the most complete collection of virtues and talents is wholly worthless.” – Aleister Crowley In other words, do your best to have the willpower to endure the discomfort because you’ll become accustomed to its challenges, and what once was formidable will become routine. With no willpower, nothing you do will […]

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Below is a recap of what was said in the video. I recommend watching the video for full context. Hit the follow button so you can stay up to date with future posts.  1. Never tolerate indecency being done to you. Set boundaries. Protect yourself from disrespect, and matter of fact not just yourself but […]

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