Below is a recap of what was said in the video. I recommend watching the video for full context. Hit the follow button so you can stay up to date with future posts. 

1. Never tolerate indecency being done to you. Set boundaries.

Protect yourself from disrespect, and matter of fact not just yourself but your family and friends from outsiders. 

2. Have self-respect. Having high agreeableness will cause this weakness to be detrimental to your manhood. Here’s why, men like this don’t want others to be treated badly but will disrespect themselves by tolerating disrespect, in order to protect others. If a plane is going down, grab your emergency face mask before helping the person sitting next to you. Help yourself first before helping others. It’s not selfish, it’s survival. Be a man. This goes for relationships too, all kinds romantic, friendships, and professional, if they come at you with some bullshit, shun them until they apologize.  Be a man.

3. Don’t be a yes man and don’t be ashamed to say “No”. Protecting your peace is not mean. Preventing people from doing your harm is not mean. Speak your truth as a man and however, they react is not your responsibility. Moreover, this coincides with cancel culture. Being direct with the truth is offensive these days, so fabrications and saying what wants to be heard is deemed appropriate. Fuck your feelings and face the facts. Be a man

Be a Man – Liberty Community Online

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