You’ve got two minutes (Wednesday Wisdom)

I became privy to the 2 minute rule when I did a podcast episode with a friend and he explained the concept which intrigued me to write this post after I gave the episode another listen. Furthermore, large tasks you might find arduous can be simplified by giving yourself two minutes to complete it. For instance, you might have postponed taking out the trash today for tomorrow but how difficult would it be to set a timer and gather that trash bag and dump it. Below are some examples of habits that can be simplified down into a two-minute version: 

  • “Read before bed each night” becomes “read one page before bed each night.”
  • “Do 30 minutes of yoga” becomes “take out my yoga mat.”
  • “Study for class” becomes “open my notes.”
  • “Fold the laundry” becomes “fold one pair of socks.”
  • “Run three miles” becomes “tie my running shoes.

Works cited for examples :

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