The Brickman (short story)

The Brickman “C’mon man just play me in one game, if you win I’ll buy you a beer and if I win you buy me a beer and pay the bet,” Doc said  “Man I don’t drink, and I don’t play no damn chess, I play sudoku ‘cause I’m all about the numbers homie”  “I […]

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The Firing (Short story)

This story is loosely based on true events that happened to me. Character names were changed in order to protect the identities of the people in this story. 1 This call script is too long-winded and robotic. There is no style or personality with every line I read. I’m on the second paragraph, yes the […]

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A Ghouls Mansion (Short story)

I haven’t written a shorty story that I’ve published in a long while, so if you enjoy this please leave a like and comment if you’d like to chime in. Peace and keep it real. Chasing criminals and sticking the law up their ass in Chicago was elementary to homicide detective Malik Foley, but this […]

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Invader (Be Careful)

Verse 1: She said she had no love left in her heart because one day when she was young her rapist broke her soul apart she felt that there was no way to alleviate the pain or cover her scars At first she knew it was wrong but the familiarity and not feeling apprehensive allowed […]

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His Protector

A roadside execution was the only solution to protect his son From the “fun” these strangers wanted to have with him. In a dead civilization everyone was an enemy Nightly conversations hoping for salvation But their surroundings were devastating The stench of rotted corpses lingered in the air as they inched closer to shelter A […]

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