Invader (Be Careful)

Verse 1:

She said she had no love left in her heart

because one day when she was young her rapist broke her soul apart

she felt that there was no way to alleviate the pain or cover her scars

At first she knew it was wrong

but the familiarity and not feeling apprehensive allowed for him to belong in her presence

He sang her a song

each note piercing and destroying her innocence

Eventually she became caged in despair

Too afraid to even stare in his face

knowing that in the back of her throat she could still taste his remains

It was unfortunate that she had to see him every morning

so every night she prayed to the heavens that she’ll have the courage

to make it through another day

Hoping to find strength and belief that she could trust again

No longer being hindered by the remorse and shame

so she tries her best to give hugs and show affection

Luckily for her, her wish was granted and this father figure of hers

left her life for good

Now she’s liberated to fly out of her cage and find solace in writing her blues

She now keeps her defenses up no longer allowing another soul to invade the next chapter in her life


Verse 2:

He said he’s never been in love or had someone love him

that’s why he injects in that rush, so he gets high enough to reach the heavens above him

He’s been to ever circle of hell

it’s just that he’s living through one everyday

Off the grid so he remains a dweller looking for his next fix

invaded by an infection he wished his cells could eliminate

Maybe you and I can’t relate but he met his fate and that’s why you should be careful

who you let in

because an invader only knows one thing and that’s to take!



  • Over the past 2 months I begin reading again heavily. I’m on my 3rd book now and I haven’t read this much since the summer of 2013. Having said that, I’m currently reading African American authors I was introduced to in high school from Toni Morrison to Walter Mosley, Maya Angelou etc… From The Bluest Eye, to Black Betty, to now I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, all these stories bring me inspiration and a foundation to what I write. So I incorporate their themes in my stanzas. For instance the above theme is heavily influenced by both The Bluest Eye and I Know Why the Cage Bird Sings, because both books are written by wonderful black women Toni Morrison and Maya Angelou (R.I.P.) and both stories depict sexual assault but eventually turn out to have positive endings. So I felt inspired to write about it in a story, so I hope you enjoy it. Thank You



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