Troll, Troll Everywhere

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Our everyday use of the internet is used for many purposes and we would like to go about obtaining what we want from it without any hassle, however, some obstacles can hinder your enjoyment, and sometimes it can come in the form of a “troll”. Moreover, I’m not sure who coined that term “troll” to describe the incessant nuisance a person or bot brings to an online user, but I think “troll” is apropos considering these individuals “hide” behind the keyboard and act tough thinking they’re impervious to repercussions. In regards to bots, bots sometimes troll with spam Emails and so forth that look enticing. Anyway, I wrote a free verse on this topic below. Let me know in the comments your opinion on trolls. Give the blog page a follow so you can stay up to date with my future posts. As always, peace and keep it real.

Troll, Troll everywhere

Jerks, however hard they try

Will always be angry

Never forget these mad and insidious jerks

Aloof and powered by anonymity

Down, down, down into the darkness of cyberspace

The diabolic, the injurious, the fiendish

Does the hate make you irate?

Speak up! Does it?

Well, the vitriol is always present and relentless

Every time you log on

Morons type bullshit like mindless zealots

It’s got me wondering if these morons have any endeavors to pursue

I can’t help but stop and look at these dorks

Conditioned to deconstruct the peace

I’ve read stories on these hideous leeches

Are you upset by how offensive they are?

Does it tear you apart to see these leeches so brazen?

Because I could not ask the Troll why it’s bothersome

Ready or not

Here they come

Gonna find you

And make you hate me

Does the Troll make you shiver

Does the Troll make you livid

Does it?

What are you waiting

Make your move and send their ass of to the land of deletion

You Gotta Zoom In

Ever since we entered this pandemic (COVID-19), a lot of us had to do virtual meetings, schooling, interviewing, and Podcasting (which I’ve done twice) on Zoom. People have got accustomed to virtual interactions but with constant use, it’s no surprise some people became self-conscious about how they looked on their screen. “Zoom Dysmorphia” is a term coined by psychologists to explain this kind of mindset. To be honest, I haven’t thought too much about how I looked during my interviews and podcasting. This is maybe because I was too focused on the moment and wanted a successful outcome to occur in those meetings. However, I would be lying if I didn’t think of it more than once, before hitting that connection to a Zoom meeting. Moreover, I’m basing this post on an article that has a lot of statistics and I don’t want to bore you with that, so I’ll link the article for you to have a more in-depth understanding of this topic. 

Even before COVID, plastic surgeons and dermatologists began seeing a rise in patients coming to them with demands that were unrealistic and unnatural, and with consistent use of Zoom and other video chatting services the pressure to look your best becomes overwhelming. Furthermore, individuals will feel highly critical of themselves, and even though people were self-conscious of their image pre-social media, social media became an everyday tool that exacerbated self-image hatred with its applications that enhances (Snapchat/Instagram) and magnifies imperfections. In regards to this, front-facing cameras distort images to the point where your image looks like it’s being reflected off a “funhouse mirror”. The camera is closer to you than a person would be in real life, and with everything up close, one would notice imperfections and chastise themselves to the point of body modification. 

In conclusion, I think a person who makes body modification due to an entity perceiving them as inadequate might feel confident at first with their new appearance, but there’s always someone or something that will remind them of their flaws, and with that, more unnatural physical changes will be done, and the cycle repeats itself. Worst-case scenario, if no body modifications are made, the anguish becomes overwhelming to the point of them perishing at their own hands. Zoom users are not only confronted with an app that they think acts like an “appearance evaluator” but external factors (people). The latter has a more emphatic impact on a person’s self-image and confidence. For example, the whole concept of “body positivity” has been trending for the last few years and there has been positive and negative language being spoken about it, the ones affected either made changes (naturally, weight loss) or unnaturally (liposuction). Having said that, Zoom in the case of this article has been the nail in the coffin so to speak for changes to be made. As of now, a viable option to combat Zoom Dysmorphia is through awareness so people who are experiencing it can find a space to discuss their dilemmas and brainstorm solutions. 

The Social Dilemma Film Commentary + Review

“There are only two industries that call their customers “users”: Illegal drugs and software” – The Social Dilemma

Did you know that all social media outlets are competing for your attention? How about I take it a step further and tell you that the technology that connects us in actuality manipulates, divides, controls, and monetizes every action that you and I do. They expect us to complete actions without a second thought. The Social Dilemma a documentary drama presents insights from social media programmers, CEO’s, VP’s and more on how detrimental social media is in terms of how it’s designed, regulated, and used daily. Not to mention, the constant “value” they bring with updates to apps keeps bringing users back and it spirals to become an addiction, and that addiction is something that is monitored. They build models to predict our actions. Furthermore, have you ever been to a site like Facebook or Instagram and seen an ad for something you’ve recently searched? Well, advertisers pay for the products social outlets use, therefore advertisers are the customers while social media outlets are the things being sold. To simplify that here’s a quote, “If you’re not paying for the product, then you are the product”. All social media outlets are competing for your attention. As a person who does searches for products/services I’m well aware of what’s happening when I see an ad pop up on Instagram or Facebook and why it’s happening. With that said, you and I cannot be evasive towards these social media outlets once we’re already “plugged” (have an account). So, the only way to no longer be prone to the bombardment of manipulating technology is to deactivate.  

Social media has its own goals and one of them is using your psyche against you. One way they do this is by using “Growth Hacking”. Teams of engineers can hack people’s psychology so they can get more growth i.e. user sign-ups, engagements, recruiting, and impressions. During my watching of the film there was one sentiment that caught my attention that is very prevalent in diminishing the self – esteem of the users. VP of growth, mobile, and international FaceBook Chamath Palihapitiya said that social media creates “fake brittle popularity”. What he means is that these social media apps create a need for perfection and acceptance from groups we feel we should be included in, which then gives us a false sense of security and confidence with value boosters such as hearts, likes, retweets, etc… He closed out his speech by stating that social media is a digital pacifier for us to escape from our woes. The irony is that it provokes it even more and we find ourselves compelled to stay connected with all the app’s features and its constant upgrades that we have to try out. 

All in all, as a film I found this to be very profound and the dramatization added an interesting element of action that displayed characters that are integral in the experience of social media and its dark side. All the individuals who were interviewed were credible and transparent on the devastating effects social media can cause overtime to individuals once they’re deep into it. As a person on social media I was not surprised with some of the information presented but definitely did make me more aware of the dangers and manipulations it can do one’s conscious and the control it can have that can lead to an addiction and disconnect from the outside world where we build the real and worthwhile connections. I implore you to check this film out because it’s thought provoking and to some life altering information terms of making better decisions when it comes to dealing with technology.    

Leave a like and comment if you’d like to chime with your experience with social media and other insights you may have. Also give my page a follow so you can stay up to date with my future posts. As always peace and keep it real.

Is Influencer Marketing Under Threat? Should Micro-Influencers Be Worried?

In this post I’m going to explain the rise of influencer marketing and the possible dangers that may let it fall. But first, let’s talk about why influencer marketing is so important for many people and brands these days.

Why is influencer marketing so important

Influencer marketing is synonymous with two other forms of marketing that is social media marketing and content marketing.

A lot of influencers use campaigns as a social media component whereby influencers are expected to expose the intriguing content through social media channels on a consistent basis to increase visibility to new visitors and build a personal and business brand.

In regards to that, intelligent brands will utilize these methods to their advantage by creating ongoing conversations with consumers as if the consumer is in the process of helping build the brand, and by doing that this becomes as much as theirs as it is the influencer marketer.

This thus will show to the consumers that they are recognized and influenced by different people, at different times and locations, and in different ways. Digital advertising, brand growth, and content marketing will still have the attention of an influencer marketer but influencer marketing goes beyond the reach and clicks but insteads opts for continuous engagement and conversations that drive commerce in order build relationships that will sustain for years. This will, therefore, increase metrics that matter and align with business goals

Influencer marketing has an authenticity to it that will attract consumers because a lot of famous celebrities or public figures are marketing influencers who can relate to their viewers and potential clients with an authentic voice.

Other individuals in marketing fields cannot ignore influencer marketing any longer because these content creators can have the power to increase business growth and deliver authenticity that will engage an audience and this audience will, in turn, begin to help them spread their brand message.

By doing this, influencers can have an array of followers to create a conversation about their brand that can reach different locations all over the world and that’s the power of influencer marketing.

Influencer, Social Media, Woman, Person, Face

How does influencer marketing work?

The landscape of marketing has changed dramatically and consumers have become determined and voiced the messaging they want to see. Gone are the days that brands take center stage, consumers are the primary focus because at the end of the day who do the brands cater to at the end? That’s right, consumers are the ones who will help make or break their a brands success.

If an influencer marketer wants to be a part of consumer conversations, then they’ll have to play by consumers rules and accommodate them while also helping themselves grow. Social media is the home for consumers to have conversations today, and one of the most impactful strategies to emerge is that of influencer marketing.

So how does influencer marketing work?

At a high level, influencer marketing is a form of branded engagement whereby marketers can connect with those who boast prominent social footprints. The primary goal is to enter into new communities and existing ones. This will therefore connect the brand/product to new customers through an authentic voice and will thus build trusted relationships of said influencer.

As mentioned before authenticity is one of the key components that will help increase trust and build relationships that will cause an audience to consistently support and view brand media and other aspects a brand brings.

Earned media is a result of extensive exposure to content from influencer marketing. In other words, a lot of the results from those efforts are from an engagement that leads to earned media. One thing influencers should avoid is looking at the popularity of the other influencers or themselves for that matter.

Influence does not only mean popularity, but the end goal is also to elicit a specific action from your customers who can be the brand ambassadors that will increase brand recognition and will increase the merit of the influencer for other businesses to take a look at for sponsorships and so forth.

Man in White Crew-neck Top Raising Hi Left Hand

The drawbacks to influencer marketing

With the popularity of influencer marketing expanding towards more innovative ways, there are some setbacks that can occur or to put simply some bad habits that influencers have done and thought about when building brands and content. First, since all the work is done online it can cause these influencers to find shortcuts to creating valuable brand content that can be game changing, but all those shortcuts will be detrimental in the long run and cause problems. There is no easy solution if shortcuts are taken to get successful results because influencers will only obtain and sustain an accessible audience if they put the time and effort to connect and advertise their brand content without being disingenuous. Secondly, another pitfall that can arise with influencer marketing is tracking the performance of infleuncer campaigns. To clarify, if the right steps to achieve engagement and conversion is not properly configured then the infleuncer will continue to repeat some of the activities he or she has done, and that is all due to not tracking the effects of the campaigns direction. One solution to this issue are creating hashtags. After tracking the online campaign an influencer can dedicate hashtags to fellow influencers they collaborated with or to simply acknowledge them. By tracking these hashtag performances among different social media account influencers are able to:

  1. Measure the effectiveness and engagement across different social media accounts
  2. Analyze and measure the amount and type of social media interactions made by users
  3. Use statistical analysis to estimate the number of positive and negative mentions for each hashtag
  4. Locate the spots the new and existing audience spends their most time on social media
Person Holding Space Gray Iphone 5s


In conclusion, influencer marketing is an effective and substantial way to build on thoughtful relationships among brands, creators, and the fans that consume the content. Like with any relationship, it takes time, effort and energy to maintain, and not to mention the money to maximize the brand’s potential.

Any online figure with enough effort and dedication can become an influencer marketer that can bestow their knowledge when it comes to brands and their personal brands to a receptive relevant audience.

Influencer marketing is an interactive marketing strategy when done correctly and should be done consistently if results lead to success such as building trust and credibility and broadening the brands’ reach. Leave a like and comment if you would like to chime in. Also give my page a follow so you can stay up to date for future posts. As always peace and keep it real.

Why Should 99% Of Your Marketing Efforts Be Focused On Video Content?

  • Hello reader, this post is on a topic I wrote about during my days as a social media marketing manager at a digital media production company. I hope that this post will encourage and incite motivation in the reader to explore ways to improve their content presentation. If you are in any fields of business or study business courses in college then this will surely be a beneficial post to check out.
How to do Video Marketing and Video Content

Technology rules our everyday lives as we constantly see people eyes buried on smartphones. We still have billboards and print media displayed throughout cities, but it isn’t something that would captivate and engage the attention of a consumer and that’s why video marketing is a great new addition to a business promotion toolbox. It’s the most versatile and profitable digital marketing tools out there and should be utilized at any cost.

Moreover, video marketing has become a vital part that should continue to be implemented into a business marketing strategy as we’re in a day in age where everywhere we turn technology is in front of us.

There are many reasons businesses will flourish in the coming years and as technology advances in outstanding ways, this will lead to print media, billboards, and the traditional stagnant promotion to be gone and forgotten. So, how is video marketing a better option than photos for advertising?

And how can video marketing triumph as a way of capturing the attention of the consumers who might not be familiar with a business’s product/services? Well here are some ways video marketing is the right direction for business promotion.

Social Media Benefits From Videos

Videos are a great way to deliver messages that are long and short when the audience may not want to stop and read images. A lot of social media users prefer this content method. Short clips can display information in bits while the longer ones can extend into a longer message but it still does its best to captivate the viewers’ attention.

The result of this can boost brand awareness which will increase the number of shares for the business. However, for a video to be worth sharing business would need to invest some time and money (i.e. Superbowl commercials).

With that said, videos have the ability to have an impact on a potential consumer if they find the message worthwhile, hence why hashtags are used to create a trend.

Videos Impact On Consumer Behavior


If a business has a message to promote attached to their products/services a quick to the point the informative video will reach more people and reduce boredom.

In other words, people will click through pages and might lose interests if they can’t get to the point of the video’s message, and that’s why images and text usually get less engagement in this situation because all comes done to how quickly and effectively a videos message for a brands products/services can get to the point.

5 reasons Businesses Should Use Video Marketing


1. By adding a product or marketing video on your landing page this can increase conversions by 80%.

2. Videos build trust – Content marketing is based on trust and creating long-term relationships is ideal for future success. The goal is to stop selling and let the people come to you by providing them something that’s worthwhile and has useful information.

3. Videos appeal to mobile users – Video and mobile complement one another. 90% of consumers watch videos on their mobile devices.

4. Video marketing can explain everything – Is the business you’re running going to launch a new product or a service? Well, the most logical thing to do is to create a video to show how it works. 98 % of consumers claimed they’ve watched an explainer video to learn more about a product or service and thus figured out how to go about using it.

5. Videos engage even the laziest buyers – While video is an easy and great tool for learning, it’s very easy to consume with no effort involved on the users’ end. Today’s life is all about instant gratification. By watching a video they’ll be able to see the product in action instead of reading a long product or service description and eventually becoming bored.


james-mckinven-cauCwvTkHLM-unsplash (1).jpg

In closing, video marketing has become the new goto method for businesses to promote content that’s interactive and entertaining. Images and text still have a place in advertising but the amount of detail that’s included within them needs to limited so the attention of the potential consumer will not be hindered. I hope this was informative and if so leave a like and comment if you would like to chime in. Also follow my page for future posts. As always peace and keep it real.

Personal Branding 101 & Everything You Need To Know

  • This an already published post I contributed for a social media marketing manager internship I finished. I felt this information would benefit someone on here and I hope you can gain some insight from it. Peace.

A personal brand according to Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, is “what people say about you when you’re not in the room”.

Also, there is a time where you’ll be evaluated as a person separately from your business, that’s why your personal brand will be what will stick with you in the long run. So let’s get a better understanding on how you can build a strong personal image with a quick personal branding 101.

Whenever we think of big-name brands like Microsoft, Apple, Amazon and so forth we don’t only think about the company’s reputation but the people behind it such as Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and Jeff Bezos who created and managed prosperous products/services worldwide.

You should know by now that what you are trying to achieve with personal branding is what companies like Nike, Amazon, Red-bull achieved after years of exposure to brand messages over people. Almost everyone can relate Red bull to extreme sports and Nike with its slogan “Just Do It”.

kristian-egelund-wwqRpSNBPq4-unsplash (1).jpg

These things act like the voice of the company. It shows how exciting, aggressive, positive or fearless a brand is. For small companies like startups, now it is the most important aspect of marketing. Let us go a little further than this by saying that it will mean everything in the near future.

So what you should do about this as an entrepreneur and as an individual in the business world if you don’t own a big organization with big resources?

If you can’t build the infrastructure offline with PR campaigns, public appearance, ruling online networks with your brand is the perfect strategy especially after 2020. There hasn’t been any better timing for digital branding.

Especially for individuals, the rise of social media made easier to shift the attention of the public constantly on different topics. Let’s start step by step on how you can start building your personal brand.

  1. Assess what you already have: If you’re a novice entrepreneur you’ll have to begin by evaluating what you already have. Any skill, knowledge, mentor ship to offer to your people will be your most valuable asset.
  2. How you will deliver it: How you deliver your message will determine the size of your audience. Think of newspapers with different framing for the same news, some people will not wanna listen your voice, but rather listen to the same information from someone who makes them feel comfortable.
  3. Build a consistent public reputation: Both in real life and in social media, there is a common notion that people have to be careful about and that is being consistent with your messaging. Your brand has to represent your values and who you are. If you are pivoting too much and lose your direction along the way, why would same people listen to you?
  4. Never Underestimate Promotion and PR: If you don’t have an amazing content, no promotion nor ad can bring you the attention you seek. However, if you believe you are ready with first 3 steps, now investing in your image with right PR strategy, reaching out people in your circle to promote you, and pouring some amount of investment into online promotions may bring you great exposure.
  5. Make a business plan: Let’s be honest this might even be the first step after deciding on your value proposition. Treat your personal brand as a company asset and map out a plan that can take a few months with objectives, goals, and strategies on how to get achieve them and how much time you’ll invest in getting this all done. Accountability is vital to sticking to a plan so keeping track and reviewing of all your work will only further build your brand and its reputation. Building a personal brand pays increases with rewards throughout your career. The more time and effort invested in becoming an expert,the better opportunities you’ll get.
  6. Be aware that this process takes time: If you’re willing to give up after couple of failures during the process, you shouldn’t start investing time in this. Because building a personal brand online is a much bigger process than going viral in social media or selling stuff via ads. It will take much longer for people to embrace your message and associate you with your unique messaging. It’s a process with financial and mental investments.


Building a personal brand takes time and effort and a lot of trial and error under getting the desired results, but at the end of the day you owe it to your own business to build a unique audience and expand beyond with your own messaging and vision. Leave a like and comment if you would like to chime in. Follow my page so you stay up to date with future posts. As always peace and keep it real.

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