Troll, Troll Everywhere

Welcome readers, 

Our everyday use of the internet is used for many purposes and we would like to go about obtaining what we want from it without any hassle, however, some obstacles can hinder your enjoyment, and sometimes it can come in the form of a “troll”. Moreover, I’m not sure who coined that term “troll” to describe the incessant nuisance a person or bot brings to an online user, but I think “troll” is apropos considering these individuals “hide” behind the keyboard and act tough thinking they’re impervious to repercussions. In regards to bots, bots sometimes troll with spam Emails and so forth that look enticing. Anyway, I wrote a free verse on this topic below. Let me know in the comments your opinion on trolls. Give the blog page a follow so you can stay up to date with my future posts. As always, peace and keep it real.

Troll, Troll everywhere

Jerks, however hard they try

Will always be angry

Never forget these mad and insidious jerks

Aloof and powered by anonymity

Down, down, down into the darkness of cyberspace

The diabolic, the injurious, the fiendish

Does the hate make you irate?

Speak up! Does it?

Well, the vitriol is always present and relentless

Every time you log on

Morons type bullshit like mindless zealots

It’s got me wondering if these morons have any endeavors to pursue

I can’t help but stop and look at these dorks

Conditioned to deconstruct the peace

I’ve read stories on these hideous leeches

Are you upset by how offensive they are?

Does it tear you apart to see these leeches so brazen?

Because I could not ask the Troll why it’s bothersome

Ready or not

Here they come

Gonna find you

And make you hate me

Does the Troll make you shiver

Does the Troll make you livid

Does it?

What are you waiting

Make your move and send their ass of to the land of deletion

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