He keeps a level head and tries to stay optimistic
but is always disappointment when he hears bad news
It’s been a while since his father left his life
but knows that everyday he’ll see a brighter light,
He covers that mask of frustration by finding outlets that would keep him calm
but it’s a surprise with all these empty results he doesn’t go off like a bomb.
His mentality doesn’t change but it all can if doesn’t keep his daily commitment to his daily routine which is always the same
And that’s what keeps him optimistic
but lets say for instance a blank page he stares at everyday is his way of being productive but he does his best to not be destructive because he believes in karma and he’ll doing nothing to harm her but will always try to charm her
So as he looks at the clock he continues to stare at the blank page but he has a moment of writers block
and remembers to remain optimistic because through this brief moment of uncertainty he’ll learn to stay consistent, opportunistic, and most importantly realistic with himself.
His friend is optimism and he gives him the most needed support and hope, but his evil brother pessimistic lurks behind trying to find his way into our mans life.
But he keeps him at bay because he knows he is trying to get paid on a daily and optimism is their to hold him down so he can help him keep pessimism from knocking him down.
So that’s why our friend will look forward and see his pal optimism because he knows he’ll be alright and one thing is for sure he will not go down without a fight.

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