Made it here (The Big 100)

Ideas led me here

Stayed committed to the grind

The big one hundred


  • It feels great to make it to 100 posts. I created this blog this past May and never knew or thought I would have the work ethic or dedication to work everyday on a new piece of writing. At first I felt a bit discouraged seeing that my post weren’t being recognized, but that didn’t stop me from curating work everyday because I had fun doing it. Not too long after I was immersed into the WordPress writing community I was nominated for the Liebster Award for best new blogs, which was an honor. Nevertheless, the point I’m trying to make is to understand that don’t become worried if your work goes unnoticed or even unappreciated for that matter. If readers like your content cool, if not that’s cool too. Create content that motivates you to be productive for a wage or not, and remember to always work your behind off. On that note here’s to more. Next milestone 200 and you know the rest…. Peace



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