Long time no see

Navigating my through a crowded mall,

my name hollered from a voice and face that stagnated me from my path

surprised, smile, and laugh is how I immediately reacted

Long time no see!

4 years to be exact

Starting a conversation as we began reminiscing (What’s good!?)

Sidetracked by a face with a name I could not remember

You better think quick so you can make this situation better!

Sparking and tracing the neurons to find it

Unable too so I’m staring at a “NO ONE”

Needing to smooth the awkwardness that I could feel down in my parched throat

Pressure building and thickening as I could hear heavy footsteps in the background smothering my inner thoughts from forming

Handing him my phone so he can leave himself as a contact


Imagining if he hadn’t

It would have been been , what’s up long time no see?

With me trying my best to flee out of plans he wanted to do with me.

Long time no see

Doesn’t matter the time or place

Your name

Will something I’ll try my best not to erase












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