Lost emotions: Verse 3

  • I wrote this 3rd verse to a poem a friend of mine is currently writing. He sent me an instrumental which surprised me at first and then he told me there was a chorus to it. Which made me think he was making a song and that made think of ways to write a chorus but I wrote so much that I felt that it should be the 3rd verse. I’m not 100% if he is going to go all the way with making a song out of this, but hey I’m glad to help out. Leave  a like and comment if you think I should add more or what do you think about it so far? Thank You and Peace


I don’t ever want to be lost in a jungle of emotions

But you being away has caused my conscious much commotion

Why don’t you return so you can experience all of my devotion that you claim I barely gave you?

You can look away but I’ll charge through your heart as fast as a locomotive

No way for it to be lost

Because all that emotion is circulating throughout your soul

As it reaches

Our next destination at unconditional love

So watch it begin to unfold and blossom into a connection that can never become cold

I’d say are emotions have found a home


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