What really matters (Analysis on Black Lives Matter)

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In this post I want to give my opinion on the Black Lives Matter movement and before anyone tries to refute me I want to say once again, this is my opinion. First and foremost I want to say that I’m a black man in America, and I understand and empathize with the anger and passion that black people have for seeking justice using protests against the excessive police brutality and deaths, but the Black Lives Matter movement lacks the consistency it should have when dealing with the lives of Black people in America and I’ll explain. Black lives matter is a microcosm that deals with only one aspect of many issues that plague black folks in America. How can you be about black life when death is the only opportunity for you to rise up when you’ve had plenty of times to bang on institutionalized racism and the disenfranchisement of ALL BLACK PEOPLE. Until black issues are addressed in its totality and a strategy to execute for solutions are made, black lives matter will be the “monopoly” of issues that the rest of non-black America of today will remember black folks by and they’ll join as if they have your best interest at heart. Don’t believe me, look at Jeff Bezos CEO of Amazon who won’t even pay his employees fairly, but claims that Amazon stands with Black Lives Matter. Amazon and these other corporations couldn’t care less about your life as a black person or mine if black lives matter wasn’t an opportunity for them to capitalize off black folks struggle. Until black lives matter addresses all the issues, executes and adds consistency to their movement to help the black community not only in America but worldwide than they’ll just be another government funded organization that will persuade black people to continuously vote and the “changes” that are made rarely benefit the progression for black people in America.

Our Co-Founders - Black Lives Matter

Another thing I want to bring up is that I came across a photo on Instagram which depicted a protest for “Black Trans Lives Matter” in Brooklyn New York yesterday. It was somewhat baffling to me to see how black people who are gay, trans, or whatever the case may be, put their sexuality first before their blackness. Whether, you’re straight, gay, bi, what people first see you as is a black person your sexuality is not known or visible unless you disclose it or are flamboyant to the point where it’s obvious and that is fine too. Expressing black pride is knowing and loving your blackness regardless of your sexual orientation and representing your blackness unapologetically. I’m not at all dismissing the lives lost to in the LGBTQ community I’m only explaining what I’ve observed as a misdirection that separates itself from remaining consistently focused on unifying ALL BLACK PEOPLE towards liberation regardless of how you define yourself after being black in America. Anyways, that’s all I want to say on this topic if you’d like to chime in please do. Also, follow my page to stay updated future post. As always peace and keep it real

P.S. If you have any issues with my stance on how the LGBTQ community is handing the protests alongside Black Lives Matter than please check out the link below to a video of their protests.

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