There’s always a new feature: Do you take advantage of them?

I’m guilty of not paying too much attention to new features that WordPress offers but as of lately WordPress has come up with intriguing features and one of them that I’ve been using has been Anchor and I have turned the blog work I’ve done here into Podcast. By creating a podcast it will give people the chance to listen to the audio version of my blog if they decide not to want to read the written version. Furthermore, the best thing about it so far has been implementing episodes I’ve recorded into the written posts I’ve done. If you’re a new viewer/visitor give it a listen and hit the subscribe button Spotify to stay up to date with my future episodes. I will provide the blog posts that have the audio version on them below and the name of the podcast on Spotify for you to check out. 

Check out the podcast links on the blog posts below:

1 .



Search Real Free – Flowing Words on Spotify or wherever you listen your podcast on.

Close-Up Photo of Headset On Mic

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