The Other Guard (Film review)

The Old Guard starring Charlize Theron as Andy the leader of a covert team of immortal mercenaries is an intriguing film especially with its strength in character development and choreography. In regards to the character development, scenes where the action subsides and characters have the freedom to converse is immersive for the backstory shows vulnerability and remorse that they sometimes cannot overcome even though they’re indestructible. I found Andy’s (Theron) backstory brought humanity and grounded her character since she always exemplified danger and constant fighting that led to her repeated deaths. 

Greg Ruka delivers a screenplay that is action packed with backstories filled with lore that are well-explored and enticing, but it could have used more depth. This film was a major shift for director Gina Prince- Bythewood (Love and Basketball and The Secret Life of Bees) but she presented a crisp, energetic atmosphere that captured the excitement when watching a fight scene or slowing down the pace when observing candid dialogue between the characters. I found the musical score and soundtrack for the film lackluster, especially the out of place electro-pop songs that reduce the impact of certain scenes. 

All in all, The Old Guard is an entertaining film and there’s plenty to enjoy, especially the fiery but relentless and loyal attitude of Kiki Layne’s character Nile. I believe the characterization and cinematography held more weight compared to the film’s plot and that’s something that needs to be improved if there is a sequel. 

File:The Old Guard 2020 film poster.png

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The Old Guard': How Gina Prince-Bythewood Made Hit Action ...

My rating for the film : 3/5

Grade : B-

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