City Mix (A photo collection in Boston/Greater Boston)

  • Before you check out this post I want to get a few announce out first. First I’m in the works of creating a podcast for Black History 365 series titled Black History 365 : The Throw Down, and I hope once I figure things out with that I can upload an episode that accompanies my written blog post if people don’t want to read the entire post. Secondly, this post you’ll see here is a photo collection I took this month and it’s been since the before the pandemic I posted once, so leave a like, comment if you’d like to chime and as always peace and keep it real.
  • Also R.I.P. to Chadwick Boseman

Title : Strolling

Location: Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway, Boston MA

Site description : An afternoon stroll at Downtown Boston’s Greenway which is named after Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy of the Kennedy Family. 

Title : Vibrant

Location : The Institute of Contemporary Art, Seaport District, Boston MA 

Site description : The Institute of Contemporary Art is an art museum and exhibition space that delivers captivating abstract art in terms of murals, physical representations of objects/subjects from a source that gave the artist inspiration. 

Title : Galleries 

Location : The Institute of Contemporary Art , 4th floor Gallery that featured works of Sterling Ruby, Tschabalala Self, and many more 

Site description : ACTS + Alabasters by Sterling Ruby and many more artwork

Title : Punishment 

Location : Somerville MA, Davis Square Station

Site description: This statue caught my attention as I was walking towards Davis Square in Somerville MA and I felt compelled to take it because of what I thought it symbolized. From my perspective it was as I titled this photo “Punishment” because it depicts a disappointed father and a mother possibly trying to placate his anger while he witnesses his son punishing himself for being disobedient. 

Title : Almost there 

Location : Lynch Family Skatepark Bridge towards the Zakim Bridge, Cambridge/Boston MA

Site description : As you can see, that pointed bridge ahead of me is the Zakim bridge. To the right of the bridge is TD Garden home arena for the Boston Celtics and Boston Bruins. 

Title : Mic Check 1, 2, 1, 2

Location : Lynch Family SkatePark, Cambridge, MA

Site description : The original venue for the Cambridge’s Bridgeside Cypher is in the graffiti alley in Central Square Cambridge, but since the beginning of this month and maybe until the foreseeable future until a relocation back the original spot is made, this skatepark in East Cambridge is where freestyles and beats will be dropping. 

Title : Took you long enough 

Location : Dewey Square Park, (Rose Kennedy Greenway), Boston, MA

Site description : A Downtown Boston park that is a staple for many events to take place in during the summer. 

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