Project Power Film Review

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Project Power has some good things going for it that makes it an enjoyable film in terms of visuals, solid performances from Jamie Foxx and Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and an energizing musical score. However, it’s flimsy screenplay is disappointing and I found it lacked suspense and didn’t have much growth and excitement. In regards to that, the creators could have improved on this but chose the path of least resistance and chalked it up to become a story of individuals who immediately possess buried superhuman strength from a “power pill”, into a clique action flick that gets its positive qualities from the charisma of its stars and fast pace of film making. 

The three main characters are likable and I’d say anti-heroes in a society that has been heavily exposed to a government manufactured “superhuman power drug” that takes over the host in damaging effects. This is reminiscent of the crack epidemic in the 1980s when the U.S. and C.I.A. filled the streets of L.A. and other major cities with a drug that has demoralizing effects to the black/brown populations, but the thing here is that while this was happening Reagan and the U.S. government was starting a “War on Drugs” to combat an issue they had some responsibility in, the villains in this film and I’m going to that word loosely manufactured this “power drug” from the Jamie Foxx’s characters daughter Tracy was the source for the “power pill”. Art (Jamie Foxx) a war veteran suffering PTSD searching for his daughter who is a hostage of the Organization Project Power. With the help of a young streetwise drug dealer Robin (Dominique Fishback) and Frank Shaver (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), they set off to save his daughter and get to the truth and confront the source behind Project Power. 

The Power Pill creates a lot of destruction even if for the betterment of the public in this case Gordon-Levitt character a cop who becomes bulletproof after the consumption. On the other hand, it can become hazardous with villainous attributes i.e. Machine Gun Kelly’s inferno covered makes the human torch look amateur and a criminal on the run that can camouflage into anything. From my perspective, I found that the drug probably tapped into the ego/personality/desires to determine how they reacted and were affected by the drug’s effects. Visually the transformations were captivating and could be unsettling for some, especially the first one. Reason being, it can jarring due to hyperactive editing with scenes shifting fast from transformation to ultimate destruction. 

All in all, Project Power isn’t on the same scale nor popularity of Marvel and DC universe films but it is an enjoyable film for what it delivers. The power in this film is the characters and performances from Foxx and Levitt but it’s weakened by a premise that makes this project average. 

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My rating for the film :3/5, Grade : C

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