Random Mix (A Photo collection in Greater Boston)

Title : Sunset on Command Center

Location : Cambridge City Hall, Cambridge, MA

Photo description : I was across the street from Cambridge City Hall in front of a YMCA when I took this photo. Every June, Cambridge has an annual block party in front of City Hall, but due to COVID – 19 this year’s was postponed, and next years is not guaranteed . 

Title : Window Shoppin’ 

Location : Prudential Center, Boston MA 

Photo Description : Chillin’ at the mall

Title : The menu is not the meal – Alan Watts

Location : Somerville MA

Photo Description : Candid photo taken from a friend of mine of me awaiting my meal.

Title : Public Service Announcement 

Location : Davis Square, Somerville MA 

Photo description : The world has reached its limit.

Title : Lanes 

Location : Seaport District, Boston MA

Site Description : Even though we’re living through these COVID – 19 times, there were some good nightlife action going on in terms of the amount of people on the streets the night I took this photo. 

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