A lot to remember (Cityscape) Photo mix)

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Title: Salutations Waltham 

Location: Waltham, MA

Photo description: On the Moody Street Bridge to the south of the picture is the Waltham town center.

Title: A Red Mouthful Submersion 

Location: Somerville, MA

Photo description: To me, this was basically GIF sphere.

Title: In Memory 

Location: Veteran Circle of Remembrance, Waltham, MA

Photo description: This statue is one that commemorates and remembers veterans.  

Title: The Jungle Duets

Location: The Jungle, Somerville, MA 

Photo description: A great duet by a talented duo that sang an array of songs from different genres from the blues, rock, soul, etc…

Title: A reminder to remember (Ghost Bikes)

Location: Cambridge, MA 

Photo description: These all-white bikes symbolize the lives lost on the roads. Cyclists in Boston/Greater Boston area are remembered at locations where accidents occurred and it is a way for families to remember their loved ones with something tangible. 

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