A Horizon Help

Welcome readers, I’m glad to present a collaboration poem I wrote with Aston Kamunde, a writer who I’ve written poems with in the past. When he gave me the draft for this poem, I was intrigued immediately. I had to be meticulous with editing and adding my contributions. With that said, I’m proud of the […]

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Hidden smile

This is the 2nd poem I’ve edited and contributed to for my man Aston Kamunde @AstonKamunde on WordPress. My contributions are italicized I longed to hush my sleepless nights from the darkly depths of resentment that torn and bruised my soul and left me standing alone. For many days and months I felt numb and […]

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The Wanderer

Collaboration piece, co written with Aston Kamunde at https://astonkamunde.wordpress.com/ My contributions are in bold Sometimes I wonder if anyone’s watching how despair torments  the lone wanderer      Under the quiet moonlight   a currency of shadows   encircles him   sinking him deeper and deeper   the surface of life is on the verge […]

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I am sorry (Collaboration poem)

Aston Kamunde, @https://astonkamunde.wordpress.com/ featuring RhymeRula of Real Free -Flowing Words Check out Aston’s poetry blog to read the wonderful poetry he expresses on WordPress. You will not be disappointed and make sure to give him a follow so you can continue reading his great writings. PEACE and MUCH LOVE   (Aston’s Stanzas) She wanted to […]

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Majestic Muse (Collaboration)

This is a collaborative poem I wrote with my homie Patrick @mycreativepatience This is the first posted collaboration of a few we have in the works I wrote the 2nd verse @mycreativepatience ft. Real – Free Flowing Words (RhymeRula) Verse 1: Patrick, @mycreativepatience Her remembrance is evidence not just simply by her sheer elegance, An […]

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