Hidden smile

  • This is the 2nd poem I’ve edited and contributed to for my man Aston Kamunde @AstonKamunde on WordPress.
  • My contributions are italicized

I longed to hush my sleepless nights

from the darkly depths of resentment

that torn and bruised my soul

and left me standing alone.

For many days and months

I felt numb and desolate

not even the sun’s distillery

could save me from my misery


by the close of day

the eastern winds whispered gently

even though gentle touch had lost its meaning. 

They spoke of my home

reminding of sunlight on my skin

and of the magic of autumn weather

where flowers scatter in poise and glamour.

The same winds knew

how long I cried in the cold

those days should burn and die

and pave way for my hidden smile to appreciate greener days

Dreaming without end

Warming up to a new scenario

At my home

the sounds of leaves

and the songs of birds

now bring me back to life

every time

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