A motherland connection (collaboration)

  • I’d like to dedicate my verse to the Somali and all African diaspora. 
  • This collaboration has been in the works since the end of last month. Due to timing constraints and busy schedules it had to be put to the side until both parties had completed their assignments.
  • This is my 2nd collaboration with Aston Kamunde @AstonKamunde on WordPress.


TheRhymeRula’s Verses

Within me there are direct connections to the motherland in my DNA,

An American born African man whose ancestors land was the grand stage for tribal wars,

A diaspora of natives escaping from the daily torment to new nations,

Not oblivious to the conditions my people have been and are living in for decades

That’s understood well and good,

So I beg the question, can we really stop violence from manifesting?

Don’t answer, because conflict like death is inevitable,

We’re endlessly digesting daily hate

Only to excrete death,

There’s no way for osmosis to reverse and filter out the toxins

That invades our well being constantly,

One step removed from a disaster

if someone laughs or looks at you the wrong way,

From the Horn of Africa to the land where dreams are born

To urban terrains where for some reality is a staircase leading nowhere,

I write this a day before the 4th of July,

But what is there to celebrate for immigrants and black folk

who enter an unwelcoming land?

Finding no allegiance to a land that cripples them indignantly,

My soul is on fire with everlasting pain

For I’m an American born African

Wishing to retreat back to his ancestors land

That has not fully settled back to prominence,

So I’m going to leave you with this

As I give the spotlight to my African brother so he can reminisce

and let the world know that

you can’t dismiss the abundance that reaches out of this continents surface


Aston’s Verses

The smell of the rain felt prominent

Drops of rain hit the African soil

My toes sought to dig deep into the loose earth

Such facade of peace was too blinding

Nothing could invade the stillness of air

This moment refined all reasonable thoughts,

My only wish; to feel glorious

To live a dream within many dreams

If only by the whim of African gods

Whose loyalty is painted against my dark skin

Darkness that hides my aching secrete desires

To experience freedom, to use and feel it

These words had been spoken before

To the African child who had been exposed

To a cruel vulnerable past that acts as a reminder

A past that has bared the African soul

Eras had changed hastily

Home had turned into prison

Sons and daughters were sniggered into the dark

Today they think of all the humiliation and pain

Instead of cutting the weeds that grew out of cracks

To paint a picture that had never been reflected before

And breathe a familiar smell of freedom and reverence

How surprised they would be if only they knew the truth

That they possess a power that gleams in the shadows



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