A Ghouls Mansion (Short story)

I haven’t written a shorty story that I’ve published in a long while, so if you enjoy this please leave a like and comment if you’d like to chime in. Peace and keep it real. Chasing criminals and sticking the law up their ass in Chicago was elementary to homicide detective Malik Foley, but this […]

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You’re dead my dear

Storm warning lighting strikes tombstones charging undead smiles and scowls I witnessed her rise An inky black mirage that I couldn’t look away from Fully blackened eyes held my attention captive as I watched her lower her head Tears began staining her once beating heart I wondered what saddened her but She remained silent, her […]

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Something in me died

The night is strange and cold with strong winds that stir the will for me to survive but my fears run rampant for the unknown I guess something died in me something once beautiful my heart weeps  unashamedly Years past without relief I no longer seek old passions and this dusk loathes me just as […]

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Approaching ever so closer, defenses up Behind her a shadow dancing on midnight darkness Silent streets the only audience at the scene a massive shadow nearing towards her limited options as she senses the shadow suffocating her thoughts from forming Refusing to allow any force to break through her boundariesĀ  Unbeknownst to her due to […]

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The Night Bus

Verse 1: As the clock struck midnight Passengers aboard the night bus A slogan on the side read… Our determination is getting you quickly to your destination If only they knew that no soul was exempt from ever escaping the night bus   Verse 2: A one way ticket stamped with their demise Barbed wire […]

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Self- Control (10 stanzas)

We’re confined in a realm full of all evils temptations possesses every individual without warning There’s no way to exorcise the urges inside to get fucked up Out of luck so we all remain stuck Desperately searchingĀ  for self-controlĀ to fend off the temptations Eventually escaping and descending from reality Gluttony in all forms mollifies the […]

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