You can be my new home (Darklines)

The moon is frozen and dawn is emerging soon

Eyes glued to the sky, wondering if Iā€™ll be able to sneak a peek at sunshine’s hot boom

But it wasnā€™t meant to be because it never showed from my perspective

an hourglass nailed to the table, the last trail of incense smoke fills my room

the time has come; the last gust of air inhaled from an open window

The curtains close

Hell hounds on my trail ready to growl, pounce, tear, and send me on a one way trip to an eternal brimstone fryer

Blinking tortured tears 

But knowing the inevitable is much amusement

Will I return to my vessel?

Or make home in a new one?

So many options, so many possibilities,

after my return so many eyes made contact with me and you just did so I chose you!

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A Ghouls Mansion (Short story)

  • I haven’t written a shorty story that I’ve published in a long while, so if you enjoy this please leave a like and comment if you’d like to chime in. Peace and keep it real.

Chasing criminals and sticking the law up their ass in Chicago was elementary to homicide detective Malik Foley, but this long night was one he wished to never remember. Foley held tight on his pistol as his police badge stabbed into his hipbone. The cold mist from the afternoon rain and fog made the forest a labyrinth or in other words a playground ready for predators to swiftly capture their prey. He entered the forest where he believed the criminal he was searching for fled to. Suddenly, he heard the sound of laughter which caused him to turn in circles so fast he felt the onset of vertigo. As he came closer to where he heard the laughter the sight of what in front of him caused him to freeze. A woman was lying on the ground. She got up quickly and began running away from Foley.

“Wait!” Foley called out. “Don’t go! I’m not going to hurt you!”

She turned around and began walking back towards him. Her clothes were covered in blood. She was holding a large knife.

“Jesus, what happened to you?” The woman looked at Foley smiling, “It’s Zalmora she said”.

“Where is the man who did this to you”? asked Foley

Zalmora laughed, shaking her head.

“Done this to me?” Zalmora asks. “Is this some sort of lawman fantasy? I had a run-in with a vampire, that’s all.”

“A vampire?” Foley ask. “There’s no such thing as vampires?”

“Yes there are,” Zal said nodding.

“I’d know if a vampire had done this to me” she pleaded

“What happened? Where are the injuries? How bad is it?” Foley asked

“I’ll explain it all when we get to safety,” Zal says.

“But can you look after my back? My shoulder’s wounded, and I can’t use it to carry my weapon any longer. Also, my knife hand is injured.”

“Sure,” Foley said

Zalmora leaned her languished body onto Foley, and they walked forward. He was doing his best to keep her standing upright. Time passed and eventually the sun set.

“We need to find a place to sleep for the night,” Zalmora says.

Foley recalled the old mansion that had been abandoned for years on the edge of town. It was not safe, but it was better than sleeping in the open.

“Let’s go,” Foley say.

Foley led Zalmora to the mansion, and opened the large door to let her inside. The mansion was dark and desolate. He hoped nocturnal creatures weren’t a problem . He headed back outside, and looked for somewhere comfortable to lay down. Soon, he fell asleep searching for stars beyond the gray clouds.

Foley awakened in the early hours of the morning by someone entering the mansion. He sat up, raising his pistol.

“Get up” a man’s voice said

Foley pointed it at the dark figure that stood in front of him. The figure held his hands up, and Foley recognizes him as sheriff Wyatt of Cook county.

“Shit, Wyatt,” Foley says.

“I didn’t think you’d come here.” “What are you doing here?” Foley asked.

“You’re supposed to be keeping the peace in the town.”

“I wanted to,” sheriff Wyatt said as he lowered his hands

“I could use some back up,” Wyatt said.

“If you come with me, I think I can take care of this myself but more faster and efficiently . If not, then I’ll need to bring in reinforcements from the town.”

Foley contemplated for a moment. Sheriff Wyatt might have been able to handle whatever problem he had on his own, but he no doubt be able to handle it better with some back up. Still, Foley considered him to be reasonable man, but he still had his doubts. Foley was at a crossroads on whether to help out the injured Zalmora or the sheriff, the question kept repeating in his mind, who do you want to help more? Foley moved closer to the sheriff, lowering his voice.

“Why do you need back up?” Foley ask.

“What’s going on out there?”

The sheriff looked down, seemingly embarrassed. He breathed deeply before looking back up at Foley. His eyes seem different, as if they are brimming with a hidden pain that he wasn’t letting anyone see. “There are… monsters running around,” he says. “Ghouls. They’ve been raiding the town, and they’ve been acting strange. Two of them came into my office while I was sleeping.” Foley raised an eyebrow, keeping his guard up. The sheriff sighed.

“There are worse things than ghouls running around out there,” Foley said. “Worse things than people.”

He stared at Foley for a moment, as if trying to read his thoughts. Foley stared back, trying to will himself to be strong enough to see through his eyes, to see what he sees. But he couldn’t do it. Finally, the sheriff seemingly accepted the fact that Foley couldn’t see through his glamour, and he shrugs slightly.

“Nothing I can do about it,” he says, pulling out his gun and turning away from you quickly. “I need to take care of these two before they kill us all.”

He raised his gun and fires. The bullet went through the head of one of the two men who approached him slowly and dutifully, each clutching a side of his jacket. The two men collapse forward without a sound, and the sheriff kicked them aside as if they were just sleeping men. The second man approached more quickly, his hands raised in surrender. The sheriff raised his gun and fired again, hitting the ghoul in the chest and sending him backwards through the air and to the ground with a broken neck. He twitches once before going still.

“One down,” Wyatt said calmly.

“This one isn’t human.” Foley looked up, realizing that the second ghoul is indeed something else. It has a human skull for a face, complete with eyes set deep into the sockets for vision, but otherwise it is just skin stretched over a gruesome skeleton. It reached out towards Foley with long, bony fingers, and he leaped backwards a kicking it in the face as he fumbled to grab his gun from his pants. The momentum caused him to land on his butt among some furniture but he felt momentary relief because he kept his distance. The sheriff stared at him calmly, shaking his head.

“Shoot it!” Foley shouts at the sheriff.

“Stay where you are!” the sheriff shouts back at you, his pistol raised in both hands. Foley cursed under his breath. The sheriff kept his focus on the ghoul, who stumbled after him with flailing arms. He took careful aim, and fired. The bullet hit the creature in the forehead, and it’s skull collapsed inward from the force of the impact and falling to the ground with a thud. It made no more noise after that.

“Dead,” the sheriff says with a nod.

“Let’s get out of here.” Foley stood and followed him out of the mansion, into the dawn light, but not before what once was Zalmora who is now a vampire stood in the doorway hungry for fresh blood. She rushed toward the two cops for her first of many immortal meals .


Forest of horror by LuckyFrame on DeviantArt

You’re dead my dear

Storm warning

lighting strikes tombstones

charging undead smiles and scowls

I witnessed her rise

An inky black mirage that I couldn’t look away from

Fully blackened eyes held my attention captive

as I watched her lower her head

Tears began staining her once beating heart

I wondered what saddened her but

She remained silent, her answer only a stare

And in one swift motion

She slashed her wrists

Telling me to

Drink deeply my dear

Life seeps into nothingness

There’s no romance in death

Only darkness is eternal

Mesmirized I obliged and she finally died feeding my need

’cause love was deaf to my callings during this lifetime

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Something in me died

The night is strange and cold
with strong winds
that stir the will for me to survive
but my fears run rampant for the unknown

I guess something died in me
something once beautiful
my heart weeps 

Years past without relief I no longer seek old passions
and this dusk loathes me
just as I loathe its arrival
Nothing feels the same so I guess something in me died

A black forest goddess awaits me
My chaperone to salvation
Tonight the sky is broken For my healing to commence

Forest Photography

A handful afterlife (Darklines)

The hands that covered his screams.jpg

  • I came across this image from one of followers on Twitter who tweeted how creative any viewers can be with writing a poem about the above image. I gave it a try but was stuck on where I was heading with it, but eventually came up with one and I hope you like it. Leave a comment if you feel the need too. Peace


An infinite onslaught of hands

Began to swarm and asphyxiate his every exclamation for help

His last meal smothered with an unfortunate deliverance of angry bitterness,

Every hand impairing his sight

While pulling back his thoughts from manifesting,

In the midst of the excruciating pain, the thought of his revenge lingered throughout

every bullet that were crafted by his enemies,

This would be the siren for his demise,

He began with a broken life but after getting

the taste of the fast life he had no intentions of slowing down

Until this very moment,

Attempting to desperately plea for why his life should be spared,

A handful impending afterlife that he perceived to be his judge, jury, and executioner,

Missed calls by his older sister filled his phones call log,

Unable to listen due to his ears

being plugged by the barrage of crawling fingers,

Fighting to withstand fading into oblivion

On the verge of flat lining into the crossroads,

As the hands of the surgeons release the tension of his dying thoughts

“Call it in” one of the trauma surgeons said, because the time has arrived

When the stench of death taints everything we do or say,





Night Woman - Garon.png

Approaching ever so closer, defenses up

Behind her a shadow dancing on midnight darkness

Silent streets the only audience at the scene

a massive shadow nearing towards her

limited options as she senses the shadow suffocating her thoughts from forming

Refusing to allow any force to break through her boundariesĀ 

Unbeknownst to her due to blarring earphones

A voice calling out for her attention

As the shadow keeps up with her pace to only be halted by being quickly sprayed in the face with pepper spray

witnessing his dark shadow lay still sinking into the cold pavement in agony

In shock as she sees her handheld pocketbook

she left on the train his hand

As she stood still, drowned by the devastation

The harsh reality of trespassing boundaries without warning
















The Night Bus

Verse 1:

As the clock struck midnight

Passengers aboard the night bus

A slogan on the side read…

Our determination is getting you quickly to your destination

If only they knew that no soul was exempt

from ever escaping the night bus


Verse 2:

A one way ticket stamped with their demise

Barbed wire for windows but no exits which to them was a surprise

These lost souls beg the driver who reeked of sulfur where they were going

As he grins with an declaration “we’re going to the gates of hell”!

An expeditious voyage on a scorching highway

The bus returns to it usual stop every Friday night

to carry a new collection of lost souls

who’ll enter this nightmare as their new home

Rusted by harmonized blood curdling screams as their souls char into seats

The exterior was never pristine but

the bus was supplied with never ending fuel

energized by their souls

No one will ever know these passengers were missing

One thing that was promising was that this ride was their last

No luggage needed,

just yourself so say goodbye to your past

All aboard The night bus where “Our determination is getting you quickly to your destination”



The Night Bus

Photo credit – Evan Gearing
















Self- Control (10 stanzas)

We’re confined in a realm full of all evils

temptations possesses every individual without warning

There’s no way to exorcise the urges inside to get fucked up

Out of luck so we all remain stuck

Desperately searchingĀ  for self-controlĀ to fend off the temptations

Eventually escaping and descending from reality

Gluttony in all forms mollifies the everyday void

No self – control so the temptations control us like toys

Limping around like the undead

No more mind of our own





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