The Night Bus

Verse 1:

As the clock struck midnight

Passengers aboard the night bus

A slogan on the side read…

Our determination is getting you quickly to your destination

If only they knew that no soul was exempt

from ever escaping the night bus


Verse 2:

A one way ticket stamped with their demise

Barbed wire for windows but no exits which to them was a surprise

These lost souls beg the driver who reeked of sulfur where they were going

As he grins with an declaration “we’re going to the gates of hell”!

An expeditious voyage on a scorching highway

The bus returns to it usual stop every Friday night

to carry a new collection of lost souls

who’ll enter this nightmare as their new home

Rusted by harmonized blood curdling screams as their souls char into seats

The exterior was never pristine but

the bus was supplied with never ending fuel

energized by their souls

No one will ever know these passengers were missing

One thing that was promising was that this ride was their last

No luggage needed,

just yourself so say goodbye to your past

All aboard The night bus where “Our determination is getting you quickly to your destination”



The Night Bus

Photo credit – Evan Gearing
















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