You can be my new home (Darklines)

The moon is frozen and dawn is emerging soon

Eyes glued to the sky, wondering if I’ll be able to sneak a peek at sunshine’s hot boom

But it wasn’t meant to be because it never showed from my perspective

an hourglass nailed to the table, the last trail of incense smoke fills my room

the time has come; the last gust of air inhaled from an open window

The curtains close

Hell hounds on my trail ready to growl, pounce, tear, and send me on a one way trip to an eternal brimstone fryer

Blinking tortured tears 

But knowing the inevitable is much amusement

Will I return to my vessel?

Or make home in a new one?

So many options, so many possibilities,

after my return so many eyes made contact with me and you just did so I chose you!

Female Possession 29 GIF | Gfycat

Démons | Supernatural Wiki | Fandom
Best Supernatural Exorcism GIFs | Gfycat

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