All natural

Here we go again, so H & M is back in the news with an ad that stirred criticism. However, this time around H & M stood their ground for their stance to allow their models to appear in whatever way they felt comfortable. To be honest I can’t quite fault them. In regards to […]

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Your value doesn’t decrease based on someone’s inability to see your worth. You can bring so much to the table, but feel like you’ve wasted it all by someone spoiling your offerings. ©TheRhymeRula

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A funky Monday

I listen to a lot of genres of music but one that I always enjoy and gets my energy going is Funk. So everybody get a little Funk in your life and hopefully it gets you going to start you Monday off right. Check out below, Shining Star by Earth Wind & Fire. ” You’re […]

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Who else is sometimes like Keanu Reeves? Other than the popular part I can agree when it’s been a while since I’ve seen my friends. I always remind myself even if I maybe around people that…

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She makes me wonder

Many thanks to my frequent collaborator and friend Aston Kamunde for giving me his first draft to this poem, and allowing me to strengthen it. Gentle touch as echoes pass Remnants of the night fell softly like feathery petals many of them reminding me of her perfectly crafted in black and gold Soft winds drew […]

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Hello readers, I’ve recently taken a personality test on and took my time with ever question answering them honestly and with much thought, and my results were very intriguing. A close friend of mine reintroduced me into not only finding out but understanding and knowing what my personality type and traits are. I don’t […]

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It’ll remain infinite

Witnessing the infinite birth of a new night, Resting my weary head dreaming for us all to see better days, But many setbacks have become a hindrance, In disappointment I’ve noticed depictions and statements of self hate on all levels, Tuning into the recurrence of young lives being perished onto concrete deathbeds while dried blood […]

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