It’ll remain infinite

Witnessing the infinite birth of a new night,

Resting my weary head dreaming for us all to see better days,

But many setbacks have become a hindrance,

In disappointment I’ve noticed depictions and statements of self hate on all levels,

Tuning into the recurrence of young lives being perished onto concrete deathbeds

while dried blood stains and marinates the decomposition of their innocence,

Halting the essence of growth,

A deliverance of a syrupy massacre,

Breakfast is served as an armed lunatic arrives to deliver death notes,

Heroism is colorblind, but our everyday reality has too much clarity,

Only noticing the external differences,

Pinned against the burning ropes of Amerikkka,

Doing my best to shuffle past the adversity,

Floating above the canvas while stinging with reckless abandon

As I hear the bell ring,

It’s the beginning of a new round, a new day, with new objectives,

Witnessing as I rise, the infinite birth of a new morning,

Even if resolutions may seem temporary

The alleviation should not be interrupted


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