All natural

Here we go again, so H & M is back in the news with an ad that stirred criticism. However, this time around H & M stood their ground for their stance to allow their models to appear in whatever way they felt comfortable. To be honest I can’t quite fault them. In regards to that, H & M did have the sole responsibility in inciting an outrage last year with an an ad that depicted a young black boy with a hood sweatshirt that read “coolest monkey in the jungle”. Black twitter and social media went to voice their disdain over the image and photo shopped a positive slogan on the kids sweater that had the word King to describe him. Anyways getting back to the topic at hand, I don’t see anything wrong with the girls hairstyle, actually I admire it because this can show young minds to see that changing their natural hair to conform to the unnatural (straightening their hair) just to please others or make them feel comfortable around them isn’t empowering . With that said, the outrage over how H & M could dare to have this type of representation for their brand is bullshit in my opinion. So you’re criticizing this young girl for wearing her hair naturally when all she possibly sees is women in her family or around her with relaxers, weaves, etc… What the fuck?! Come on now, and to makes matters worse the black community on social media and so forth are the ones making the most noise about this. In conclusion, I think with all the backlash that is involved in this story, this might diminish her confidence and self esteem to the point where she won’t want to continue to wear or desire to wear her hair naturally and might conform to wearing it straight in the future. And that is quite disheartening. If you would like to read the article I got my source information from, it’s on the bullet point below. Anyways thanks for reading, peace and keep it real.

Image result for black women art natural hair
side by side shot of little girl for hm ad

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