Hello readers,

  • I’ve recently taken a personality test on and took my time with ever question answering them honestly and with much thought, and my results were very intriguing. A close friend of mine reintroduced me into not only finding out but understanding and knowing what my personality type and traits are. I don’t think many people off the top their head can describe or know what their personality type is, and if they do not in great detail. However, this test can help you access it. This is my second go around taking a personality test. The first time was around five years ago, and I was an ITFJ, which stands for Introversion, Thinking, Feeling and Judgement. My second go around I was anointed ISFJ, Introversion, Sensing, Feeling, Judgement. Having said that, the only difference from the second time taking is that one letter was different. The first time around the “T” for thinking became an “S” sensing. On the other hand, the one definitive trait that categorized everything from me being an ISFJ was a trait called “Defender” and I’ll go into more detail about some aspects of the Defender below. Check out the site and take the test to find out for yourself what your personality traits are.
  • All peace, TheRhymeRula

Strengths of the Defender:

  • Highly analytical
  • Detail orientated
  • Defenders are “universal helpers” in other words means that they will go above and beyond for the people that they love or care about.
  • One interesting thing about Defenders is that even though they are introverts they are well equipped to be around in social situations and can even thrive in them if need be.
  • There is often a confusion when it comes to introversion and extroversion. Many often mistaken it as the anti social versus the social, but that’s not true. Some introverts can adapt easily and become social or even more social than the extrovert. It all depends on the circumstances.
  • Defenders have great memories and that can be a gift and curse, like social situations this is all due to the circumstances that will cause them to remember what they have to.
  • The SJ’s (Sensing & Judging) of the ISFJ hold the pillars of the earth. For example, if you start a company, these are the people that keep that company running, creating policies, procedures, overall business infrastructure.
  • Very loyal, Defenders often form an emotional attachment to ideas and organizations they’ve dedicated themselves to.

Weaknesses of the Defender:

  • Take things personally – Defenders have trouble separating personal and impersonal situations. Any negativity in interactions that results in conflicts and criticism will spill over from their professional lives in their personal ones.
  • Repress feelings – Defenders are very private and sensitive. Their feelings are internalized a great deal. The way they protect others feelings is the same when it comes to theirs.
  • There are many more but I will cut the post here.

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