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Ever since we’ve entered experiencing this devastating pandemic last year, some people are living in a melancholic mindset that caused them to find ways to cope with their woes. Equally important, the ways these people find to alleviate the cumbersome mind of negativity usually isn’t by communicating with friends/family or even a therapist if things get too overwhelming. Adverse times never stop coming and it’s better to endure them together than alone, so being there to listen and allow that friend or family members to confide in you will uplift their spirits, determination, and most importantly confidence. Even though I’ve never seen a therapist, during my college days I would visit my academic advisor and I would sometimes confide in her with any issues I had outside the classroom that could negatively influence my performance academically, and just like a clinical therapist, she always listened without passing judgment. Whatever you’ve been through, going through, or know someone who is trying to do their best to endure an obstacle, do your best to be open to listen and be that lifeline so to speak when someone you care about is in a dilemma. None of us are perfect and sometimes I might not always be willing to or in the mood to communicate with friends, but I always do my best to return their initial outreach. Some people think they’re unlucky with the company they keep but it’s not their fault, humans are selfish and will prioritize themselves. It takes more effort to be selfless than selfish and it also takes a lot of effort to love than hate, and believe me with the negativity we see online and in real life, hating always leads to attention, which usually leads to controversy.

Three Faces (Wednesday Wisdom)

The first face – This is the face that you present to strangers, acquaintances, coworkers, etc… Each one of these types of people serves a purpose for being in your life for a specific reason (coworkers and acquaintances) and the ones you pass by on a daily basis (strangers) are ones you have to adapt to. In other words, you have to size them up so to speak and make sure the interaction you’re having with them is either, meaningful, awkward, cordial, humorous, dangerous, etc… Another aspect of the first face is its protection. It’s like your mask that you keep secrets, insecurities, background information, hidden from people who you only see for certain reasons in your life. Furthermore, these kind of people don’t need to know because they’re not in your life consistently and have not earned enough trust for you to be open with. 

The second face –  This is the face that allows you to let your guard down to the company that is consistently with you and has gained your trust. This face is one that allows you to confide in and gives you support when you’re in a dilemma. 

The third face – This is the face that one would take to the grave with them without exposing anyone to it because of negative reactions and emotions it could bring out of people. For example, look at some celebrities who allegedly and not so allegedly exhibited vile behavior. Had they not been caught they would take their sins to the grave, and avoid infamy. 

Notice what they show you (Wednesday Wisdom)

“Sometimes, you need to stop seeing the good in people and start seeing what they show you.

There are different kinds of people on earth, the good, the cunny, the bad, and the master of different faces.

Sometimes we need to stop seeing that aspect of people they let us see, because the part they hid from everyone is their real self”. I have kept my circle as low as possible because I trust no-one. Life has never been the best, but I still thank God for every moment I stay on earth, and every breath I inhale.– Unknown author from shortquotesworld

ME : I keep my circle small not because I can’t grow it any larger, but because I can quickly and easily notice to disassociate myself from toxicity.

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  • It’s been a while since I’ve uploaded on here, and that is due to working on finishing up a short story that I want to get done before the end of the month. Poetry has taken a back seat not that I don’t like writing it anymore, it’s just that the motivation has diminished slightly since asserting my attention to sharpening my narrative skills. In addition I need to focus on my last three classes for my degree. Anyways, leave a like, a comment , and follow if you’d like to read more of my work. PEACE


Vision enhanced to high definition

Whenever the truth remains consistent,

But the resolution has become blurred

Causing a distortion,

It’s beginning to channel an annoyance

So I stand by amidst the commotion,

Fragile loyalty succumbing to betrayal

Memories crammed into double deckers ships

but you’ve left me sinking in bewilderment,

We’ve crossed paths through darkened shores without a single word uttered

No longer worried about the days that follow

Because the task is simple

For we’ll together bury any dilemmas and rise with new beginnings


standing still.jpeg






  • Erratic behavior on your part or someone else’s part will lead to trouble and a potential falling out. Choose your words wisely and only act when you’re fully prepared. Every action causes a reaction and you’re only subtracting from the additions you can bring to your life by making excuses for the pain inflicted on you by the ones you care the most for.


You begin to seek but trouble never has a place to hide,

Unaware that these toxic introductions you invite into your life

Have only one option,

To cause erratic behavior when your vulnerability is tested,

In that case stop seeking for new “excitement” because 

it’ll find you in due time,

And you’ll continue to make excuses,

Justifying the unraveling on both ends,

Sever those ties and make a change for the better 






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