You can lean on me

Ever since we’ve entered experiencing this devastating pandemic last year, some people are living in a melancholic mindset that caused them to find ways to cope with their woes. Equally important, the ways these people find to alleviate the cumbersome mind of negativity usually isn’t by communicating with friends/family or even a therapist if things get too overwhelming. Adverse times never stop coming and it’s better to endure them together than alone, so being there to listen and allow that friend or family members to confide in you will uplift their spirits, determination, and most importantly confidence. Even though I’ve never seen a therapist, during my college days I would visit my academic advisor and I would sometimes confide in her with any issues I had outside the classroom that could negatively influence my performance academically, and just like a clinical therapist, she always listened without passing judgment. Whatever you’ve been through, going through, or know someone who is trying to do their best to endure an obstacle, do your best to be open to listen and be that lifeline so to speak when someone you care about is in a dilemma. None of us are perfect and sometimes I might not always be willing to or in the mood to communicate with friends, but I always do my best to return their initial outreach. Some people think they’re unlucky with the company they keep but it’s not their fault, humans are selfish and will prioritize themselves. It takes more effort to be selfless than selfish and it also takes a lot of effort to love than hate, and believe me with the negativity we see online and in real life, hating always leads to attention, which usually leads to controversy.

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