Three Faces (Wednesday Wisdom)

The first face – This is the face that you present to strangers, acquaintances, coworkers, etc… Each one of these types of people serves a purpose for being in your life for a specific reason (coworkers and acquaintances) and the ones you pass by on a daily basis (strangers) are ones you have to adapt to. In other words, you have to size them up so to speak and make sure the interaction you’re having with them is either, meaningful, awkward, cordial, humorous, dangerous, etc… Another aspect of the first face is its protection. It’s like your mask that you keep secrets, insecurities, background information, hidden from people who you only see for certain reasons in your life. Furthermore, these kind of people don’t need to know because they’re not in your life consistently and have not earned enough trust for you to be open with. 

The second face –  This is the face that allows you to let your guard down to the company that is consistently with you and has gained your trust. This face is one that allows you to confide in and gives you support when you’re in a dilemma. 

The third face – This is the face that one would take to the grave with them without exposing anyone to it because of negative reactions and emotions it could bring out of people. For example, look at some celebrities who allegedly and not so allegedly exhibited vile behavior. Had they not been caught they would take their sins to the grave, and avoid infamy. 

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