When emotions are running high, it should be channeled into something beneficial. Share it with someone you love, improve your surroundings, and release that energy into an endeavor that should be done with conviction and persistence. With enough momentum, changes will be highlighted when you begin to step back and take things easier. – RhymeRula […]

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Avoid (Wednesday wisdom)

Avoid getting caught up in someone else’s dream. Know what’s best for you, and steer clear of someone looking for argument. Ongoing hostile interactions only leads to further distractions from coming to an understanding. Step back from the verbal attack and BREATHE. That’s always a good beginning because, amidst the daily adversity, we all desire […]

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Rearrangment (Monday Motivation)

Stay focused on what’s important and don’t make unneccessary changes. Maintain balance and intergrity, regardless of what others decide to do. The path to being led astray can happen at any instant when your attention shifts off of you moving forward. To some it can be a comfort knowing that someone else can include you […]

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