26 miles and running (Boston Strong)


  • This is a poem I wrote to commemorate and mark the 5 year anniversary of the Boston marathon bombing which occurred on 4/15/13. The marathon was held today on 4/16/18, and I was fortunate enough to catch the tail end of it after leaving work. First and foremost as a person who lives in the Greater Boston region specifically Cambridge I wanted to express how the city and Greater Boston found a way to bounce back from a tragedy that not only temporarily damaged the city but the country also. When it comes to terrorism, their is no race, gender, religion, etc… that determines the extent or motives a person has in their heart. It just happened in this case that the perpetrators were Muslims. In this country there have been many attacks on schools, places of businesses, government buildings etc… and on certain occasions those terrorists were white. All in all, this is a tradition that is part of Boston and having experienced the aftermath the days following it were intense to say the least. Imagine having your city streets being a ghost town! YES, no one on the streets! Anyways that’s all I have to say and leave a like and a comment if you feel the need too. PEACE


26 miles and running,

Every journey began with a single step

and with every exhausted breath these runners took,

Perseverance pumped throughout their ventricles

Until they crossed the appraised finish line,

The line radiated with anticipation awaiting thousands of feet to be pressed down

on a fulfillment of treasured and cherished dreams,

And so it seemed that on a day filled with much tradition and glory

Nothing could go wrong except the sounds of bombs going off

Cries of hysteria as 3 souls prematurely expired

Horrors unfolded, faces covered in smoldering ashes

Storied lives ended by the hands of an evil duo,

Whose names now live and die in infamy,

26 miles and running

These runners and the city withstood adversity,

And I write this on the 5 year anniversary of the attacks,

We momentary were knocked down but got up off the concrete canvas

Throughout all the panic, madness, and sadness

We came out to be Boston Strong


Greenspan-Boston-Marathon-Memorial.jpghttps _blueprint-api-production.s3.amazonaws.com_uploads_card_image_746857_25c011bb-5425-436c-8988-e0df5707ee69.jpg

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