Configure (Wednesday Wisdom)

Our minds conceive plans for us to create and configure our existence daily. Be cautious not to lose focus amidst the chaos and dilemmas which usually disguises itself into patterns. They have the ability to morph into something that can cause you believe it as a norm. Persevere will all the strength you thought you never had so you can relinquish its burden off of you, and only after then you will be able to emerge out of it with a clear vision. -RhymeRula


3 thoughts on “Configure (Wednesday Wisdom)

  1. Sometimes it the Level of distractions that gets in your way, with the right mindset its usually easier said than done. This reminds me to maintain your focus so you don’t lose sight on what you have in hand, distractions is just another roadblock.
    Thanks for the reminder hope others see it the message as well or find a similar meaning behind it.

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