Free Angela (Black History 365/Women’s History Month)

She’s an activist, an author, a scholar, an abolitionist and most importantly a icon that is revered for her contributions to civil rights and the progression and liberation for the oppressed. She is Angela Y. Davis.

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The year is 1971 and Angela Davis is America’s most famous “Political Prisoner” as she awaits trial in connection to capital crimes in a courtroom armed takeover in 1970 which resulted in her friend Jonathan Jackson, two inmates and a judge dead in Marin county. Responding officers were the ones who had shot those four people, but they needed a “fall guy” to take all the blame and they found that in Davis as she was now their suspect and public enemy number one for the FBI. Investigators accused Davis as they traced a gun used during the ambush to her, but Davis stayed resilient and sensed a setup and from then on she eluded the authorities for two months but eventually was captured by the FBI. President Richard Nixon congratulated the FBI in its “capture of the dangerous terrorist Angela Davis”.

“Free Angela” was the chant from defense committees in the U.S and abroad showing support for what they believed was a severe injustice. These same defense committees formed a broad interracial coalition of supporters who believed it was Nixon’s America not Davis that should be on America’s Most Wanted List. Her supporters went on to show their disdain towards Nixon as they believed he was responsible for America terrorizing, imprisoning and trying to dismantle the movement of black liberation. Their freedom struggle in 1971 became the struggle for freedom of Angela Davis a political prisoner to Nixon and Regan’s law and order of America. Now she stood tall during the trial of her life with millions of progressive Americans who supported her to what would become a monumental moment for her which was her acquittal in 1972.

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From then on Davis had rallied past her detractors and began defending the oppressed. She consistently defended against institutionalized racism, inequality, and injustices as others took the bigoted way of victim-blaming. For decades she has unflinchingly defended black women, black prisoners, and poor blacks from injustices. She didn’t limit herself to only assisting black people from injustices but all women, prisoners, and poor when few Americans would have done that. She has defended America from imperialism, exploitation, racism, sexism, poverty, and incarceration. Davis has transformed those chants during 1971 of “Free Angela” to her lifetime shout of “Free America”.

Even though Black History Month is over I’m continuing my educational series of Black History 365 because Black History should be celebrated and taught year-round. Additionally, this month of March is Women’s History Month so I will combine Black History 365 with Women’s History Month and explore and explain the contributions that black women have done throughout America and world history. You might ask why am I excluding other women from this when it is Women’s History Month. Well, I’m not dismissing any of the exceptional feats women of other races have done it’s just that black women in history have been underappreciated, underestimated and so forth in the discussion of U.S. history and I want to incorporate it in my Black History 365 series. Leave a like and comment if you feel the need too, and as always peace and keep it real.

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I have this as a sticker on my laptop.

We all carry a song

The rhythms, the melodies, the lyrics, we all hear it,

The heartbeat to every tune that brightens and strengthens my day

From the unpleasant grey skies gloom,

It can be strenuous to be sanguine in somber days

So I sink my conscious into the depths of the delta providing my blues with alleviation,

I’ve seen the emphatic bass cause a pop in hips that caused everyone to hop

Hands held high to withhold the weight of a crowd surf,

Smooth, brisk, tingling, refreshing, as methanol cough drops

The jazz caused me to take five minutes and add that to the alarm clock

For an extra snooze,

Productivity revitalized when the funk gives the soul an extra pump,

Bundling my worries while whistling to not worry and be happy,

She’s delectable as a cinnamon roll that used to love stuffing her mouth full of pop rocks,

Those good vibes keep inviting themselves back in because…

We all carry a song for our mind to find momentary freedom from any turmoil





Demand (Wednesday Wisdom)

“Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and it never will”

– Frederick Douglass

  • Fun Fact – Frederick Douglass was the most photographed man of the 19th century. It was his way of showcasing a visual biography for future generations to learn and see a dignified, intelligent, and fearless individual. During his time he had to combat an excess of racist imagery by leaving behind evidence for public knowledge that he truly transcended any barriers put in front of him.



A motherland connection (collaboration)

  • I’d like to dedicate my verse to the Somali and all African diaspora. 
  • This collaboration has been in the works since the end of last month. Due to timing constraints and busy schedules it had to be put to the side until both parties had completed their assignments.
  • This is my 2nd collaboration with Aston Kamunde @AstonKamunde on WordPress.


TheRhymeRula’s Verses

Within me there are direct connections to the motherland in my DNA,

An American born African man whose ancestors land was the grand stage for tribal wars,

A diaspora of natives escaping from the daily torment to new nations,

Not oblivious to the conditions my people have been and are living in for decades

That’s understood well and good,

So I beg the question, can we really stop violence from manifesting?

Don’t answer, because conflict like death is inevitable,

We’re endlessly digesting daily hate

Only to excrete death,

There’s no way for osmosis to reverse and filter out the toxins

That invades our well being constantly,

One step removed from a disaster

if someone laughs or looks at you the wrong way,

From the Horn of Africa to the land where dreams are born

To urban terrains where for some reality is a staircase leading nowhere,

I write this a day before the 4th of July,

But what is there to celebrate for immigrants and black folk

who enter an unwelcoming land?

Finding no allegiance to a land that cripples them indignantly,

My soul is on fire with everlasting pain

For I’m an American born African

Wishing to retreat back to his ancestors land

That has not fully settled back to prominence,

So I’m going to leave you with this

As I give the spotlight to my African brother so he can reminisce

and let the world know that

you can’t dismiss the abundance that reaches out of this continents surface


Aston’s Verses

The smell of the rain felt prominent

Drops of rain hit the African soil

My toes sought to dig deep into the loose earth

Such facade of peace was too blinding

Nothing could invade the stillness of air

This moment refined all reasonable thoughts,

My only wish; to feel glorious

To live a dream within many dreams

If only by the whim of African gods

Whose loyalty is painted against my dark skin

Darkness that hides my aching secrete desires

To experience freedom, to use and feel it

These words had been spoken before

To the African child who had been exposed

To a cruel vulnerable past that acts as a reminder

A past that has bared the African soul

Eras had changed hastily

Home had turned into prison

Sons and daughters were sniggered into the dark

Today they think of all the humiliation and pain

Instead of cutting the weeds that grew out of cracks

To paint a picture that had never been reflected before

And breathe a familiar smell of freedom and reverence

How surprised they would be if only they knew the truth

That they possess a power that gleams in the shadows



With pain, freedom and growth awaits


I came across this video on Twitter which is not nothing I’ve never seen before, but is usually negated to be addressed in the media. Slavery is worldwide but not brought up enough because it’s not convenient to discuss slavery unless we’re talking about the slavery that occurred in the U.S. I’m not disregarding the heinous practices of slavery in the U.S. that literally built this country, but we need to step back and look at the totality of slavery that been happening for centuries upon centuries in different continents. Africa has had a history of slavery well before slaves were transported and entered west to the Americas (North and South) and Caribbean countries. After watching this video I had a few thoughts regarding these young souls daily pain. In the video the country shown is Ghana and is in the POV of 3 child slaves, Godson, Gideon and Foli. One of them narrates the daily adversity they’ve faced which is very saddening. Having to work 18 hours in the lakes, while being harassed endlessly will cause any soul to wish for freedom and hope it answers before it’s too late. I don’t want to go into more details about the video that’s why the link is provided. I’ll leave this post with my final thoughts about the video. It was profound, disheartening, and eventually liberating to see a young soul who has the courage and perseverance of a prince and the path to having the heart and strength of a king. With his new found freedom he’ll know what it’ll be like to grow up around his peers and have the fun that was once void in his life. A quick poem is at the bottom of this blog post. PEACE


His mind housed a deck of pain with unanswered questions

Due to the everyday torment he had to wake up to,

His aspirations for freedom became exhausted with every word uttered, 

But his resilience would be energized through every dive and resurface,

His heart sheltered turmoil

That would remain eternally in his conscious,

Eventually becoming liberated into a young prince who laid the path for his freedom,

While he waits to grow into the young king he will soon become



13th floor elevator

  • This is a pastel painting from a homie of mine who is a visual artist in Greater Boston. I recently purchased this piece and I look forward to displaying it in my room. Anyways I thought of a poem instantly while analyzing the painting. So here it is…
  • If interested please check out his awesome work  @
  • Artist name CloudKarma,     artwork title : 13 Floor elevator


Enter the 13th floor elevator,

Where the roughness of inhaled smoke becomes filtered

for you to embark on a smooth voyage of exhaling relaxation,

A new tale begins with every new occupant,

Lingering raw dreams are exhaled,

Only for the next souls to breathe it in delicately


When emotions are running high, it should be channeled into something beneficial. Share it with someone you love, improve your surroundings, and release that energy into an endeavor that should be done with conviction and persistence. With enough momentum, changes will be highlighted when you begin to step back and take things easier. – RhymeRula ©

  • QUICK ANNOUNCEMENT : On June 23rd I’ll be attending The Boston Art and Music Soul Fesitival a.k.a BAMSFEST, and I look forward to taking photos and writing about my experience there. PEACE




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