Imagine Every time

Imagine every time we blink the world shrinks

Our bodies fall into the abyss of the galaxy

Trying to grip onto earths crust just before being engulfed by cosmic dust

Imagine every time we sneeze our faces age

But bodies stay the same as we look into the mirror disgusted by the change so we wear a mask to conceal the pain

Imagine every time we lie our tongues swell

Suffocating without air we write down the truth so we can stay alive

Imagine every time someone said your name people around would greet and start a conversation with you

Amazed by how easy it is to make new friends daily

Imagine every time you read my stanzas they begin to disappear off the page

In a frenzy you begin to take pictures so you can remember them

All this may sound absurd but we all imagine every single day.



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