Voices behind the words : An interview series with writers #1 (Elancharan Gunasekaran)

  • Here is an interview that I conducted on fellow writer and blogger Elancharan Gunasekaran. He gave  me incredible insight on his writing process, his favorite aspects of writing poetry and how it’s perceived on a grander scheme. In addition he discussed his interests outside of writing poetry and stories.  If anyone reading this has twitter you should go follow him at @elancharang. Anyways I hope you enjoy learning more about him as I have.


Q:What inspired you to start blogging, and when did you begin it?

Elancharan: I started blogging when I was 19 years old, I was inspired by the blogs I read, mostly autobiographical in nature. These blogs gave me a glimpse into the lives of others from around the world. And if you must know, I started with Blogger and loved playing with the html codes.

Q: What is your writing process like, do you hand write or type a draft? Or do you think of a theme and immediately start typing?

Elancharan: My writing process is almost immediate. When inspiration strikes, I write. Social media and blogging is crucial to me as it gives me instant access. I also carry a small notebook and my favorite pen. When the digital device fails, I return to longhand. When I’m working on something that requires particular attention or form, I alternate between digital and longhand.

Q: How would you describe the current state of poetry and should schools emphasize creative writing and poetry in English curriculum’s?

Elancharan: Poetry is picking up but mostly with spoken word. Poetry in its written form has a long way to go, as with reading poetry. Literature lessons tend to delve and linger on historical poets and poetry. There is so much modern poetry, contemporary works that are current and critical for young minds today. Schools and teachers are rather apprehensive and cautious when it comes to poetry. As an ex-educator who has worked with mainstream and special needs students, I feel that educators should take more risks and expose students to art and poetry.

Poetry is flexible, powerful and can be a life-changer. It has changed mine, and it can change the lives of others.

Q: What are your favorite book genres?

Elancharan: Poetry. Science fiction. Short stories (fiction).

Q: When you’re not writing how do you spend your down time?

Elancharan: I take long walks. I hike. I run. I exercise. All that writing is deeply satisfying but can lead to mental exhaustion and burnout. I try to balance it with physical activity. Sex is an excellent stress-buster 🙂

Q: What advice would you give to new bloggers who are in your niche?

Elancharan: Writing is part inspiration and part technical, especially when it comes to poetry and short stories. Read. Write. Repeat.

Q: Where is the furthest you have ever traveled and how did you enjoy that experience?

Elancharan: I live and reside in Singapore. The furthest I’ve traveled is India. It’s where modern civilization meets ancient practices. It’s where my ancestors and people are from. My trip to India was not only a big inspiration but an insight to life itself. The people, the languages, the diversity, the cultures, there is something for everyone to take back in term of knowledge, spirituality and living practices. A major inspiration is from India’s natural environment, the trees, forests, animals, an entire universe within a country that is home to complex ecosystems and biodiversity.

Q: Would you ever consider publishing your writing, and if you have how was the reception and reviews?

Elancharan: I’ve published several of my collections over the past five years with publishers overseas. My collections have received both negative and positive reviews. Mostly positive reviews from readers. The role of publishing and writing is to challenge mindsets. My writing has been critiqued as powerful, blunt and critical. With all my works I hope to bring across awareness to sensitive or contemporary social/global issues to my readers. Controversy and controversial topics are a norm in my writing.

Q: What is your favorite movie of all time/last movie you have seen?

Elancharan: Star Wars.

Q: If you could describe your writing with one word what would it be?

Elancharan: Fuck.



















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