(Pulled Down) Daily Prompt: Relocate

via Daily Prompt: Relocate

  • I incorporated the daily prompt for today in what I already wrote from the day before. This idea spontaneously popped into my mind so I had to write it down before I forgot it. However, at first I didn’t know how to end it or where I was going with it, but I finished and that’s all that matters. Everyone interprets art differently so the readers who view this will have different opinions and conclusions on what they’re perceiving. So I hope you enjoy what you read, peace.


Swimming in seas ofΒ persecuted tears

A world full of calamity engulfed with centuries of excruciating pain and no reliever

Freestyle stroking to reach the source, but I’m pulled down in the middle of my voyage

Down into clear blue depths

Being pulled down at full speed trying my best to take a glimpse at the sun to find hope that I can return to the surface

and find my way back home

but it’s blacked out

The waters strength holds me captive

Asphyxiated by the time I hit the bottom

entering an underwater dystopia


I wish I could

say something about the insanity

Pressured to relocate into a new society and become a member of an underwater dystopia

No air ever needed so I’m unable to drown

Undead souls at the bottom

occupy every corner of the town

their passageway was to a new world but not everyone of them made it


I made just do

and did my best to settle in immediately



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