Daily Prompt: Degree (3rd)


via Daily Prompt: Degree

A two syllable word with multiple meanings

so sit back and read as each stanza elevates to a higher degree

Degree 1

Following the norm, since the day you were born

your parents save up for you to go to college and get that degree

in hopes of a world presenting opportunities for you to unwrap

but it’s not as simple as that

because it’s not a guaranteed fact that everyone’s path is going to lead them to a degree

What may be a right decision for me,

may not be for you

because unseen circumstances can happen and a dream for satisfaction

has the ability of quickly greeting you

but letting you know for sure it emphatically left…

Leaving you to spend the rest of your life trying to recover the missing pieces

so you can put yourself back together

If only puzzles were simple (sigh)

Degree 2

The degrees continue to drop but I can still sense a

calmness beyond the winters whirlwind

Degree 3

Burning and permanently

leaving an external reminder of the pain

never leaving you the same but even though it went 3rd degree deep

it’ll never steal your brave heart and resilient mindset to face the world everyday



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